25 of the Best Dallas Restaurants According to Five Local Foodies

It started with an email and a mission. After hearing the news that one local Dallas magazine had proclaimed that Bolsa was the "Best Restaurant in Dallas in 2009," I had to do an investigative search of my own. When I realized Dallas has nearly 7,000+ restaurants I'd have to try, I thought a faster and possibly more accurate alternative to make my 2011 "have to try" list would be to ask five local Dallas foodies for their five best restaurants in Dallas. None of these foodies saw each others' list before this article was collaborated and one restaurant made two of the foodie lists. Read on to find out which one (it must be good).  You'll also notice some succulent food photos from around the web. Now I present to you a collection of the 25 best restaurants in Dallas, as rated by Dallas Foodie, Susie Drinks Dallas, The Dallas Socials, Nikki Bonds of Yelp! Dallas and foodbitch.

The Best Dallas Restaurants, According to Dallas Foodie

My philosophy on a "best restaurant" is if it's too pricey or fancy to go there without a special occasion excuse, then it's not really that great. My list of Best Restaurants in Dallas are ones where you can feel comfortable going whenever you like, and you can count on getting exceptional flavors, creative food, a unique atmosphere, and service that's at least good enough to not ruin the rest of your dining experience.

1. Bread Winners
This perennial best breakfast in Dallas winner gets overlooked for lunch and dinner, yet the food is equally stellar all day long.

Waffle at Bread Winners

Location: Uptown

Food: Delicious, unique, creative, AND fresh is tough to do all at once, but you can count on this being the case every day, for all three meals of the day. Not many restaurants can compete at that level.

Atmosphere: Their uptown location is a converted historical house with your choice of a table situated in a cozy living room, a hidden interior courtyard greenhouse with big plants, or a shaded patio perfect for uptown people watching.

Daily Specials Menu: Unlike some places, the daily specials here actually change every day. Don't be fooled by any standard-sounding Soup of the Day or iced tea flavor– Bread Winners' always finds ways to make major improvements to otherwise common fare.

2. Rise No. 1
The first time I dined here was a foodie life-changing experience, and every time since was also amazing. The only reason why Rise No. 1 ironically gets my No. 2 spot is because the breadth of their menu is much narrower than Bread Winners.

Cassis Souffle at Rise No. 1

Location: University Park

Food: A soufflé restaurant is a very rare find. Even though these poufs of French culinary mastery seem decadent, soufflés are light, airy and low on calories (numbers are printed on the menu). Also worth noting– Rise serves two foods done perfectly right: soft, crusty French bread and fresh butter.

Atmosphere: Intimate and chic, the French country decor features real antiques, a forest of stick trees, and a semi-circle "kitchen theatre" where you can watch soufflés being made.

Green Values: Read the story on their menu– this restaurant is a model for how anyone can "reduce, reuse, and recycle". For example: antique aprons, linens and silverware, old wine bottles cut into water glasses, pre-chilled water so there's no need to use energy to make lots of ice, local handmade pottery for dishes, reclaimed doors for decor, a recycled cork floor, and much more.

3. Asian Mint
This is my original and longtime favorite restaurant in Dallas. It is #3 here not because it has gotten worse over time, but because I've dined here so many times that it might finally be wearing on me, but only ever so slightly!
Location: Forest Lane & US-75

Food & Beverages: Fresh ingredients really shine in their foods, desserts, specialty cocktails, and of course, the sushi. Each of these things is worthy of it's own paragraph, but the most unique is...

Dessert Bar: A what bar?! Yes, this is a rare find in Dallas. Here you can get one of the best tasting, not too decadent, not too dense, not too sweet, not too filling, most unique desserts I've ever tasted- Green Tea Ice Cream Cake.

Atmosphere: The interior design of Asian Mint and it's sister restaurant, The Mint, is ultramodern and ultra-cool. Think: suitable for Architectural Digest magazine. The decor is even more impressive when you find out it was designed by the owner herself (and no, she isn't a trained architect or interior designer).

4. Thomas Avenue Beverage Company (T.A.B.C.)
This is a bar, but they don't serve "good food for a bar"– they serve some of the best food of any restaurant Dallas!
Location: Uptown

Food: Finding a wide variety of cuisines on a bar menu is often a sign that none of the food is good, but quite the opposite is true here. From the curry, to fish tacos, down to the salad dressing, and very possibly the best burger in Dallas– it all tastes so good your taste buds will throw a party in your mouth.

Atmosphere: Their multi-tiered backyard wooden deck is built around a big shady tree with strings of lights and TVs. The atmosphere transports you out of uptown and into a suburban backyard with a dream deck and all of your neighbors attending the party.

Side Salad at No Extra Charge: Printed on the menu is a rare find: "served with french fries or salad." It's nice to eat healthy without having to make a special request or pay extra for it. Even better: it's a fresh spring mix salad with your choice of several delicious homemade salad dressings.

5. Meddlesome Moth
This a newcomer to the Dallas restaurant scene, so I haven't dined here enough yet to be able to vouch for their consistency, but the food and drinks are too tasty to overlook. The Moth get extra points for being the first restaurant/bar in the new Design District.

Meddlesome Moth USA Beer Flight

Location: Design District

Food: It's not typical Americanized pub food, so perhaps it's authentic, old fashioned pub food. I'm no pub historian, but a menu with pork belly and bone marrow is more exciting than fish and chips. More importantly, they serve one of Dallas' best burgers.

Bar: They have more beers on tap than anywhere else in DFW, and the mixed drinks are taken back to their roots- figuratively, literally and yummily.

Atmosphere: Contrary to their old-school menu, the decor is a modernized version of a pub– dim and cozy, yet with an open floor plan and stained glass windows hanging at an unusual angle. Not to mention an impressively long wall of draft beer handles.

Danielle Glick, also known as Dallas Foodie (TwitterFacebookBlog), brings you honest reviews and special offers on food and drinks in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Danielle works as a social media strategist who owns DGdesign, a social media Dallas marketing company.

The Best Dallas Restaurants, According to Susie Drinks Dallas

Dallas is known for its restaurants - think about it, we weren’t named the fourth fattest city in America for nothin’, folks. Needless to say, the familiar adage, “Would you rather be fat and happy than skinny and miserable,” really applies to this fair city of ours (I suppose you could say "state" since three of the top four fattest cities are in Texas). Where do I go to pack on the pounds and plaster on my smile? I have to say that my tastes aren’t as refined as I would like to think they are; a good burger and beer could beat out a soufflé and a glass of champagne for me more often than not; so look to my “best Dallas restaurant” list as the every (wo)man’s guide to blissful obesity … and a little bit of a buzz.

1. The Grape
This eatery tops the list off as one of my favorites in Dallas. While it may be hard to get your hands on one (they are only served Sundays and Mondays), their hamburger tops my list - I think the urgency I feel when waiting for my order adds to the excitement of the first bite. However, don’t pigeon-hole this restaurant as a one-hit wonder. The Grape offers a wide range of grub that borders on shi-shi without crossing the line. Portions aren’t anything to sneer at and the strength of the drinks ensures that you’re getting a good value.

Location: Mid-Greenville

Drinks: Full bar – don’t have more than three wounded yellow birds or you won’t be able to run your Sunday afternoon errands.

Service: Impeccable. You can also find the owners walking around from time to time to chat with customers.

Uniqueness: Fashioned after European bistros and has a very authentic bar.

History: One reason I love it: it was one of the first places in Dallas to offer wine by the glass.  Also, its blackboard still reads nightly specials (it was one of the first places to use a blackboard for specials!).

2. Perry’s Steakhouse
Another favorite is a new face in the Dallas resto scene, Perry’s (note: Perry's Steakhouse on McKinney, not The Place at Perry's). The Houston-Though I am a long time omnivore who rarely passes up a steak, their gigantic pork chop has really won me over. Even better, you can find it for only $11 on Fridays for lunch. Their bar is also a marvel. The actual bar top is glass with beautiful, ornate etchings of quotes from well-known alchys including Frank Sinatra’s, “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink; when they wake up, it’s the best they are going to feel all day.” (Amen, brother!)

Drinks: STRONG and scrumptious - they have a martini flight that changes with the season.

Dessert: Try them all ... they are white hot (no, literally, the flambé desserts are lust-worthy).

Service: Best EVER. They know what they're doing here.

3. The Libertine Bar
I know we are talking about restaurants, but I’m SusieDrinksDallas for goodness sake … I have to include a bar! I suppose, though, that “bar food” isn’t really the right term for the victuals served at Libertine Bar. The food is craveable. I have actually had a dream about their version of hot wings (actually pork shanks that fall off the bone); they are that good. You can’t go too far wrong with anything on the menu; it’s like mom used to make, but better.
Lower Greenville

Atmosphere: A younger crowd, don’t forget to wear your concert tee.

Dessert: A White Russian

Drinks: A full bar and an inventive drink menu; make sure you try at least one of the infused liquors.

Service: If you avoid ½-price food night, it’s pretty good.

Nostalgia: A large poster looms from its namesake flick.

4. Hillstone
RIP, Houston’s; hello, Hillstone. Though it’s undergone a name change recently, their menu is still largely the same. Their prime rib is a monster, and is frightfully good. Since they are an American bistro-type of restaurant, they have something for everyone.


Location: Preston and Northwest Highway

Atmosphere: The Highland Park crowd.

Drinks: Their wine list is pretty tempting. They also make quite strong cocktails, with fresh ingredients, and most notably of all: they make one of the very few proper (no grenadine) cosmopolitans in DFW, complete with a zested rim that makes all the difference.

Service: Very efficient; they have the when-you-close-your-menu-you-are-ready-to-order thing down.

5. Matt’s Rancho Martinez
Who is Bob Armstrong? You know what, I don’t care, just give me the dip! Matt’s Rancho Martinez (er … Matt’s Beer Garden?) has been a favorite of Lakewood residents for almost 30 years after they transplanted their family restaurant from Austin where it opened in the 20s. This place is one of my favorites because their patio is huge and you can enjoy their strong margaritas while enjoying the music that floats down from The Balcony Club. Their food never leaves you hungry.

Atmosphere: Families, couples, hungover 20-somethings on a Sunday morning - you name it.

Drinks: MAR-GA-RI-TA. Double. Thanks.

Authenticity: It was moved to Dallas by Matt Jr., a fourth generation Tex-Mex chef.

Iconic: Check the murals out; they’re hard to miss.

SusieDrinksDallas (website | twitter | facebook) is a local happy hour reviewer with a penchant for strong drinks, especially margaritas on the rocks, and great bar food.  For her "big kids" job, she is a social media strategist for The Dealey Group, a Dallas-based traditional and digital advertising, marketing and design agency, and occasionally freelances for various publications and websites in Dallas.

The Best Dallas Restaurants, According to The Dallas Socials

As you all know, Dallas is jammed packed with restaurants. No matter what you are craving, somewhere in Dallas has it. Although this is great and convenient, not all restaurants stand up to our expectations. I eat out (more than any person should) and have had my fair share of amazing and horrible restaurants.

So what does it take to be on my list of “Best Restaurants in Dallas?” Food that surpasses all others in taste and presentation, service as exquisite as the food, and good vibes are the essential characteristics needed.

I’m not going to lie – the competition is high in Dallas but all the key ingredients must be in place for a restaurant to thrive (and to make it on my list). The restaurants I chose have all provided more than enough to prove their stature in this city.

1. Arcodoro Pomodoro
This establishment is by far one of my favorite restaurants if not my VERY favorite. The food is so authentic and full of taste.  I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't go there a few times a week considering the cost, but the food is beyond amazing.  I actually may go broke trying to eat here all the time. Arcodoro is the perfect place to relax in a romantic setting and  sip on a fine glass of wine.
Location: Uptown

Food: Time and time again, I’ve never been let down. Their food is consistently delicious; beware you will get addicted. (My favorite is the pesto gnocchi, give it a try!)

Atmosphere: This is a perfect place to wear your best clothes, feel fancy and impress your friends.

Specials: Thursdays from 5-8pm for their spectacular happy hour with complimentary pizza, it’s a great way to check out the place without blowing all your money but still feel like a baller – shot caller.

Philanthropy: Giving back to the community is huge, Arcodoro is an active participant in Recipes 4 Success and they support local food and education initiates.


Dessert: Try the tiramisu, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Quesa-D-Yas
Think of Quesa-D-Yas as your new alternative to pizza. It's just what it sounds like (a quesadilla) but these are much better than any other quesadilla that you have ever eaten. I can guarantee it. There are many different types of Quesa-D-Yas to order or even build your own all for a cheap price.
Location: Lower Greenville

Dining: Take out, Eat in, or Delivery - Whatever you may choose! If you're tired of the same old food, all the time and want something different, this is the place to check out!

Portions: They do not play around, make sure you are hungry. The portions are incredibly large and can feed a small army.

Philanthropy: Donate any non-perishable food or a children’s toy to get a percentage off your order and your donation will be given to either Jonathans Place or North Texas Food Bank – serious bonus points to Quesa-D-Yas!

Specials: They have special deals Monday – Wednesday posted on their site. Also, follow them on Twitter for even more deals throughout the week. Seriously, who doesn't like discounts and specials?

Sfuzzi's Pizza & Famous Frozen Sfuzzi

3. Sfuzzi’s
Next on the list is “the place to be and be seen.” No, I’m not in love with Sfuzzi because of its status and because everyone else in Dallas is a fan. I love Sfuzzi because of the atmosphere, the huge patio, and food that never fails. Sfuzzi is located in the perfect location, it’s close enough and far enough at the same time from all the bars and racket of Mckinney Ave.

Location: Uptown

Food: If you're with a group, order the family sized pizza. The wait can get long on the weekends, so take advantage of eating at the bar.

Iconic: Sfuzzi was around 25 years ago and made it's mark on Mckinney Ave. The location opened up at the beginning of this year and history was made all over again.

Drinks: There are two bars - one located inside, one outside. Ladies, they have Skinny Margaritas and Skinny Mojitos that are strong and tasty. If you're looking for a change, go for the Famous Frozen Sfuzzi.

4. Cantina Laredo
This Dallas restaurant has been in my life for about 5 years now and has never failed me. There are multiple locations across the Metroplex which make it easy on me when I’m craving some good Mexican food in Dallas. I love that you get two different types of salsa. Location: Lovers, Abrams, Royal, Dallas Parkway

Food: I'm not a big meat eater, so when I saw they have artichoke/spinach enchiladas, I fell in love. It's about time a mexican place serves a vegetarian plate other than cheese enchiladas.

Portions: Come hungry, because the portions aren't small.

Drinks: There is a full bar and plenty of choices to choose from. If you’ve had a long day, take a few sips of their house margarita and you’ll be buzzed for the night.

5. Taverna
This hip restaurant relatively small and owned by the Lombardi group. It’s one of those places that you the only way you’ll ever know about it is if someone tells you, you won’t find it easily driving around uptown.

Mixed Green Salad at Taverna

Location: Near Knox on Armstrong Ave

Atmosphere: Get to Taverna 15 minutes before you’re ready to chow so you can relax at their bar with a glass of wine and people watch. This is a great place to watch for cougars on the prowl.

Bar: Love wine? Then you are at the right spot. The bartender also suggests something new for me to try, so if you're in a wine rut, don't be shy to ask for recommendations.

Service: The restaurant isn't large, so the waiters don't have many tables which results in a great service all the time.

Specials: What's better than Sunday brunch after a long Saturday night? Nothing. Get to Taverna between 10am-3pm on Saturday or Sunday for their brunch. Enjoy $1 Billinis and Mimosas with the purchase of an entree. Holla!

Remember, you are what you eat, so only eat the best.

Betsy Mitchell, also known as The Dallas Socials keeps Dallasites "in the know" about local events, places to eat, drink, and have a good time. You can find her out and about looking for the best spots in The Big D. Stay updated by following her Twitter, Facebook, and Blog.

The Best Dallas Restaurants, According to Nikki Bonds of Yelp! Dallas

With over 475 Yelp reviews under my belt and counting, one would think I’m an expert on Dallas. The truth is, I still continue to discover Dallas daily and try new things. You should see my bookmarked reviews from other yelpers! But at the end of the day, there is still a list of places on file that will always hit my soft spot for a darn good meal. Like a favorite blanket or pair of pumps, these gems are on standby when everything else will do, but nothing else compares.

(Starting with the most indulgent)

1. Mike Anderson’s BBQ
Mike changed the way I think about barbecue. His warm smile behind the carving knife on the buffet line invites you to step in, let your eyes grow bigger than your stomach and tuck a napkin into your shirt.
Location: Harry Hines

Atmosphere: Super casual. Tables are full of locals who don't mind looking like pigs with wet naps scattered all over the table.

Don't Miss: Don’t tell Mike this but I think the side items are just as good, if not better, than the meats. Load up on the double breaded okra!

Best Time To Go: Mike's is only open for lunch and the line can stretch far into the parking lot, so the earlier the better. Don't laugh when you see me pull into the parking lot at 10:02am.

2. Keller’s Drive-In
This is hands-down one of the coolest places in town. Round up your buddies, throw your tailgate down and settle in with a cold beer and greasy burger wrapped in paper. The waitresses are timeless and authentic, and tips go a long way here.
Location: Northwest Highway

Atmosphere: Mixed. Families in SUVs, classic cars with their proud owners, and the regulars who sit in back with their lawn chairs.

Don't Miss: The Number 5 with onion rings. Skip the fries.

Best Time To Go: Any weeknight around dusk. Don't forget to turn on your headlights when you're ready to order.

3. Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano
Back in college, my roommate and I would save our hard-earned tips and drive down from Denton to Javier’s to treat ourselves. The low ceilings, dark décor and connecting rooms give it the ambiance of a secret club, yet you might be eating your fajitas next to a Dallas Cowboy.

Camarones Diablo at Javier's

Location: Cole

Atmosphere: Javier's is a bit of a "see and been seen" type of place, so it's okay to gawk at everyone as you're whisked from room to room to your table.

Don't Miss: The cheese panela appetizer. It's absolutely terrible for you if you're on a diet, but after three margaritas, do you really care anymore?

Best Time To Go: Saturday nights. Make a reservation, head to the cigar bar in the back when you arrive, and take your time.

4. Eatzi’s
This foodie haven is no secret to Dallasites. The endless choices are always un-boring, and you can feed one or a dinner party with just one stop. On a recent visit they didn’t have a specific item out that day that I was craving, so a chef stepped back into the kitchen to whip one up for me. Now that’s service.
Location: Oak Lawn

Atmosphere: Crowded - yes, all of the time. The parking lot isn't something to be tackled when you're having a bad day. Most customers live within a three mile radius, and if this is you, you're better off biking or walking over.

Don't Miss: The flank steak and chocolate oblivion cake. I'm drooling on the keyboard just thinking about them.

Best Time To Go: After 9pm, when they discount most of the pre-packaged items in the refrigerated case in the back. Don't expect much of a selection after 9:15 though.

5. Snappy Salads
My favorite thing about Snappy Salads is the people that work there – they are always happy and you can tell they really enjoy their jobs. I love that Chris, the head Snap man, is all about being green and giving back to his community. And if you’re anything like me, some days you just need a good salad to set the world straight.
Location: Forest Lane & Preston

Atmosphere: Quick, clean and bright. Long communal tables take up most of the dining room space, so if you're not into making friends with neighbors, then sit alone in a window stool or outside.

Don't Miss: The mushroom soup. It's not offered every day, and Chris told me that his mom makes him call her when they have it.

Best Time To Go: Late lunch, around 1:30pm. And if you see a long line don't abandon the place – it goes quickly.

As the “mayor” for Yelp Dallas, Yelp Dallas Community Manager Nikki Bonds stretches her social wings on a daily basis by crawling the city to find the latest and greatest local favorites, including the hottest foodie finds.

The Best Dallas Restaurants, According to foodbitch

Hello, my hungry friends. foodbitch here. I don’t know about you, but I like to tell people what to eat. In fact, it’s sort foodbitch-dallas-food-bloggerof my thing. So it’s only right that my contribution to this foodie-ful post include a certain flair toward the bossy.

For me, a favorite restaurant is one I can count on to deliver a fantastic experience time and time again. More than just delicious, fresh food, these places should come complete with expert service, great atmosphere and just that something special. There are far more than just a handful of places like this in Dallas, so it’s obviously quite difficult to choose just five. My faves right this minute would probably be Meddlesome Moth, Park on Henderson, Charlie Palmer, Victor Tango’s and Parigi. Delicious, fancy and mostly for special occasions, right?

Well, I've decided to go in another direction for my list. The spots below aren’t my absolute favorites. Instead, they’re places I would recommend to total strangers if I saw them wandering into a local chain. And by “recommend,” I mean, were it socially permissible, I would grab hold of their shoulders and shake them. I would scream, “No! Don’t go to Average-Tasting Generic Restaurant! Don’t! Go to Way Better, Fresher, and Comparably-Priced Non-Global-Sized Restaurant instead! You’ll never go back!!

These Dallas Purveyors of Delicious are the Arnold Schwarzeneggers to the Danny Devitos of chain restaurants. I think you understand what I mean. So with that I now present foodbitch’s 5-Step Cure for the Common Chain.

1. DON’T! Don’t go to Olive Garden.
Go to Taverna.

Put. The breadsticks. Down. Italian food can range everywhere from Chef Boyardee to BICE and everywhere in between. But even if you’re looking to stay within a certain price point, you can get fresher, more flavorful explorations of Italian cuisine than the traditional pasta-sauce-cheese-tiramisu combo you may be familiar with. Taverna is one of a handful of my most-often-recommended spots in Dallas (Cafe Toulouse, Sangria, Cibus, etc.) that come from the Lombardi family of classy eateries. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You just can’t go wrong dining at a “restaurant concept” from the magical mind of Mr. Lombardi.
Location: Armstrong at Travis

Perfect for: date night or Sunday brunch

@foodbitch Faves: Risottos, Pizzas, $1.00 Brunch Bellinis and Mimosas

2. DON’T! Don’t go to PF Chang’s.
Go to Green Papaya.

Yes I understand that Americanized Chinese fast-ish food is not Vietnamese food. I promise you I am aware of this. But just try the #40 Bo Luc Lac and you’ll never crave Ginger Broccoli with Beef again. At Green Papaya, the veggies aren’t soaked and softened by an overly sweet, sticky sauce. They’re cooked al dente (yes, that term applies to vegetables) and taste good even without sauce (I order mine on the side to save a few calories). Order something at Chang's with the sauce on the side, and I bet you’ll be frightened by what that food looks like naked.

Bo Luc Lac at Green Papaya

Location: Oak Lawn just north of Cedar Springs

Perfect for: A weeknight dinner

@foodbitch Faves: Bo Luc Lac (Garlic Beef), Goi Cuon Ga (Chicken Spring Rolls)

3. DON’T! Don’t go to On The Border.
Go to La Duni.

Yeah, I know I’m insulting La Duni a little here. I KNOW. But you must understand that people who actually go to and like On The Border probably don’t know their nachos from their chilaquiles. But they will—if I have anything to say about it—and that’s the point. La Duni never disappoints from the moment you sit down to the moment you realize you’ve had one too many caipirinhas. Speaking of which, the cocktails on the menu at La Duni kick those sugary, barely-alcoholic drinks from OTB square in the jiggers.

Quatro Leches at La Duni

Location: NorthPark, Oak Lawn just north of Wycliff, McKinney Avenue just north of Knox

Perfect for: Brunch, lunch, coffee break, dinner and dessert

@foodbitch Faves: Pollo Aljibe, Gelato, Limon 43 Cocktail, Cuatro Leches Cake

4. DON’T! Don’t go to Dickey’s.
Go to Off The Bone.

I don’t have to tell you that barbecue is a contentious subject in Texas. For me, there are simply two camps: really good barbecue, and just mediocre barbecue. Dickey’s is old and classic and a Dallas mainstay. So is Sonny Bryan’s. But places that offer something truly special are where it’s at, and the newly remodeled Off The Bone is one such place. It’s not my favorite BBQ spot of all time (that award goes to The Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX), but it’s definitely crave-worthy in a big way.

Brisket Sandwich at Off The Bone BBQ

Location: South side of Lamar

Perfect for: Dinner before a show at The Palladium

@foodbitch Faves: Chopped BBQ Brisket, Potato Salad

5. DON’T! Don’t go to BJ’s Brewhouse.
Go to Victor Tango’s.

Why did I choose BJ’s? Well, American food is American food, to some folks. And I realize the price difference is a little more substantial this time, but I guarantee it’s well worth it. I am talking about fresh foods that change with the seasons because so does the quality and range of ingredients you can get. This is not a difficult concept. The scene at VT’s is almost as crowded as at BJ’s, just much more sophisticated. You’ll feel like you’re actually having dinner, not watching the Super Bowl while consuming... something you’ll likely forget about by the time you get back home.
Location: Henderson just east of 75

Perfect for: Everyday celebration-worthy accomplishments

@foodbitch Faves: Heirloom Tomato and Corn Salad (seasonal), Chicken & Waffles, Drink Menu

@foodbitch Final Bite:
I don’t care how many El Presidente margaritas you’ve had. Never, ever, ever go to Chili’s. Just don’t. And if you want to know where to eat tonight, hit me up on Twitter.

foodbitch is not a professional chef, "foodie", food reviewer or culinary expert. But she is an expert orderer, a lover of the culinary experience, a home cook, entertainer and yes — even a food snob. She loves to make people smile in their stomach places. That's why she offers up her best recommendations based on her own likes and dislikes when it comes to restaurants. Follow her food-related musings on Twitter. In her own words, "I'll tell you what to eat, and you'll like it." So true.

Photo Credit: Bread Winners on Flickr
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