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Two Lives; One Dream

The Boston Globe have produced images that are worth taking a look at. They've titled the project "The Big Picture" because all the pictures are digitally enhanced to large, high quality size. Some will move your heart while others will compel you to share with your friends. I most enjoyed the "USA Olympic Diving Trials". Their muscles are so beautiful, they scream "I've worked HARD for this"!  I was also interested in "A Look at the Presidential Candidates". 23 pictures looking at the lives of the two Presidential hopefuls, Senator Barack Obama II and Senator John McCain III. Two very different lives they lived. Both struggled and have had successes on two different ends of the spectrum. These pictures really take you into the lives of these two men. No politics involved; no empty promises; no speeches prepared. The pictures are so honest.

John McCrain standing next to his father, Admiral John McCain, Jr

Barack Obama

These pictures do no justice to how they look on the Globe's website. That's why they called it "The Big Picture".

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