This isn’t a Top Ten List. Just a recommendation for Yoga class.

It's always worth it. The sweat rolling down both eyelids, my bare feet, warm legs, and steady breath. Just an hour ago and a half ago I was focused on my career, education, personal life, and future, and still trying to send emails out minutes before leaving the office.

I just had to make this class.

This is where I go - to focus on my mind and body for an hour. Yoga challenges your body and reinforces your mental sharpness. I always recommend this studio to people looking for classes. I don't want to hype it up or anything, so go without any preconditions. However, bring a towel (or 2) and water, if you do go. Also, I recommend taking Jayme's class. She has got energy, but is laid back and communicates APY like an art.

American Power Yoga
5400 E. Mockingbird Ln. Suite #221
Dallas, TX 75206
469-232-YOGA (9642)

5 days in a row for $5 special. New students only.
Regular drop in rates $14/class.
Monthly/Yearly Packages are available.

Reserve and pay for your class online. It's a lot easier than paying when you get there.