The Lash Loft offers brow extensions that you can’t get anywhere else in town

The Lash Loft, the hottest eyelash extensions boutique in Dallas, recently added the new addition of its brow services. And this is one type of service you won't find anywhere else in Dallas! This elevated new look comes from the popular demand of big, bold brows from across the globe. 

Celeb Lily Collins (credit: Glamour)

Celeb Lily Collins (credit: Glamour)

Inspired by an increased demand for brow shaping services at the salon, this highbrow luxury service costs $100 per set and $175 for both lash and brow applications. 

Personalized for each client by a specialized brow technician, the salon’s Lux Brows by Design Eyebrow Extensions come in a variety of colors and sizes and are made with the most advanced, high quality products in the industry engineered to eliminate skin irritation. With skin type, natural brow fullness and lifestyle factoring into the life span of bold brows, extensions last one to two weeks on average and can be applied to the skin directly or attached onto brow hairs to achieve a fuller look. The Lash Loft plans on adding a variety of additional luxury brow services and supplies to its offerings such as threading, brow gels, brow tinting, brow pencils and angled brow brushes for precise brow powder application. Brow applications can also be applied to clients facing alopecia or loss of hair due to chemotherapy radiation.

The service can be done in under an hour for many clients and is completely pain free. Visit The Lash Loft at 3600 Commerce St., Suite #101 Dallas, Texas 75226.