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ILiveInDallas Exclusive: Announcing “Escaping The Ordinary: Volume 4” – Premiere Unreleased Song from Dallas Band, Edgewater

Ty Griffin, Founder of Escaping The Ordinary. Photo Credit: Parker Coffman with Fear The Locals

Ty Griffin is no stranger to the Dallas or Texas music scene. He spent several years here developing relationships and promoting music, even spending some time working for Kirtland Records (Toadies, Sarah Jaffe, The Polyphonic Spree). To put it plainly he knows the bands and bands know him. Although Griffin plays drums occasionally, his major contribution to the scene has been much deeper and far-reaching than keeping a beat. Escaping the Ordinary, which started as a thought creation in 2010, turned into a curated music experiment by Griffin, and is now in its 4th compilation. The first three compilations exposed 10s of 1,000s to unheard of and Texas-based hard rock bands over a seven year period of time.

In 2011, Griffin curated the 2nd ETO complication album, mostly consisting mostly of up-and-coming Dallas and Texas-based bands. Because of the local nature of the bands, covered the album release and following a packed concert at the Granada Theater showcasing the bands.

A few years and compilations later, in March 2017 covered another production that Griffin helped with - a benefit concert organized for Matt Moseman of Edgewater's family (widow & children). We were so taken aback by Ty's passion for music, willingness to help get the word out about this concert for a band he loved, and donating all the proceeds to Matt's family, we had to help. Now, we have the honor of being the first Texas-based news source to announce a fourth ETO compilation album featuring 26 regional bands (more if you count collaborators), and we are premiering a previously unreleased Edgewater song from the album called, "Submerged."

To give you an idea of how much curation took place, the first three ETO compilation albums featured 19, 23 and 54 bands, according to Griffin. These are just the ones that made each album.

Ty knows how to pick 'em. For example, Griffin says the San Antonio-based band Nothing More (which earned three nominations at the 2018 Grammy Awards) is the most well-known band to be on the volume four compilation. ETO which not only produces compilations, but is considered a "rock music advocacy and promotional strategy collective" hosted Nothing More along with the Phuss at Club Dada back in 2012 (we know because we were there). Griffin has been a Nothing More fan since 2009, thanks to his older brother showing him their album, "The Few Not Fleeting." As you can see, he roots for the home team when it comes to music, and if you want to know bands before they are big, pay close attention to Griffin's hand picked groups.

Without further adieu, here's the contributing artists to Escaping The Ordinary: Volume 4 .

Artwork by Craig Cirinelli of


Artwork by: Craig Cirinelli of


Escaping The Ordinary: Volume 4 
Pray For Sound - Decayer
The Life And Times - Killing Queens
Black Map - Foxglove
Nothing More - Funny Little Creatures (Co-written by Clint Lowery of Sevendust)
Coma Recovery - Nox Medicus
AEGES - Sent From Heaven (Rest In Dirt)
(Damn) This Desert Air - Shovel
Dead Letter Circus - The Armour You Own
ModernMyth - Lights
Erstwhile - On My Own
The House Harkonnen - Death Rites Pts. 3 & 4
Piece of Mind - Unfulfilled
Spotlights - Absenter
To Whom It May - Weight of the Stone​
Edgewater - Submerged (Previously Unreleased)
Kiska - Long Divide
Toadies - So Long Lovey Eyes
TRAINDODGE - The Thoughts Below
Magnet School - British Monuments
The Ex-Optimists - The Joe Jackson Self-Destruct
Caterpillars - Frustrated
NeoRomantics - Concentrated
The Brothers Moore - Afraid of Us
Downward - Choking
New Time Zones - Water
Future Tapes - Taken Away​