[INTERVIEW] 10 Quick Questions With Sherilyn Fenn

Sherilyn Fenn Twin Peaks

Sherilyn Fenn has graced Hollywood since the 1980s, making a name for herself on and off screen. Starring in more than 123 shows and films, Fenn has left a lasting impact on the cinema industry. Some of her most memorable roles came in hits like Twin Peaks, Of Mice and Men, and Gilmore Girls. Off screen she was considered one the most beautiful women of the 90s, even having her ex fiancé Johnny Depp pay homage to her in one of his movies by inscribing Fenn's name on his helmet in Platoon

In addition to her notable performances in the past, fans can see Fenn in the upcoming series Shining Vale featuring Courtney Cox and Greg Kinnear. While fans may have to wait until the series debuts on television, admirers in DFW will be able to see Fenn a little earlier. She is set to appear at the Dallas Comic Show later this week where she will be signing autographs and discussing her work. However, we were a bit impatient, so we got in touch ahead of time to get to know Fenn a little better. Take a look at our Q&A below and then head to Dallas Comic Show this weekend to see her there!

Sherilyn Fenn

Twin Peaks was only on air for two seasons in the 90s yet still has such a huge following that it returned again for an additional season in 2017. Why do you think there is such a draw to this show?

I think mainly the genius of David Lynch. It came at a time when television was starved for something more original….

There is a theory that in the final season, the Audrey the audience sees is not the same from the original series. Is this, in fact, the same Audrey?

Well, it is the same Audrey. And yet, with so many years passing…. are we the same? So many years later? There are so many different theories. DKL says that ‘understanding’ is overrated. For everyone to have their own unique experiences what all art inspires.

Who was Billy supposed to be and was he ever shown on the series?

You would need to ask DKL.

The series is supposedly complete. Are you satisfied with the ending or would you like to see the story continued? How would you end the show if it were up to you?

The show ends as DKL sees fit. No use going on about it. It was a magically ride and has stood the test of time. That is a huge gift.

The role of Audrey in Twin Peaks was written specifically for you but is there another character that you’ve portrayed who you feel truly represents you?

All the roles I have played, for the most part have deep parts of my heart and soul in them. The work begins there.

Flipping the script to Gilmore Girls, you did not return for that series reboot which heavily divided the show’s fandom. Did you watch Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life? If so, what were your thoughts?

No, I did not. But I loved my time on the show. 

Many fans are still realizing that you played two characters on the series. Was it challenging playing two completely different characters on the same show? How were you able to pull it off so well?

It was a few years apart so it was not too difficult. Also, the writing of Amy Sherman Palladino is so great…. she would not ask me to play but very different characters. And that my hair was short and platinum blonde helped.

Your array of roles have allowed you to work with a ton of notable costars. Who is someone you still dream of starring alongside?

Denzel Washington. 

You’ve had parts in these iconic shows, as well as Friends, The 4400, Cheers, and so many others. Which role was the most difficult for you to film?

The most difficult role was Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story. Playing the title role from age 15-64…. we shot 6-day weeks and my first child had been born less than a year before. It was such a challenge. 

Fenn went on to contrast the last question by elaborating on some of her favorite work. She explained, "Of Mice and Men was something that I adored doing. Shameless also had a wonderful character [Queenie] and SWAT did too". 

Fans will have the opportunity to meet this pop culture icon and also ask her some of their own questions at the Dallas Comic Show. The convention will be held and Music City Mall in Lewisville on November 6th and 7th. You can see the full schedule or purchase tickets through the Dallas Comic Show website