INTERVIEW: Morena Baccarin’s Exclusive Insight Into Deadpool 2 & Gotham

MORENA-BACCARIN_400x400-Facebook-1 Superhero shows and movies have dominated the film industry over the past decade. While many shows in the genre have started to fade into uniformity, there are still a few that break the mold. In television, Gotham has put a unique spin on the classic Batman stories by focusing on Bruce’s and the supporting characters’ backstories. Of course, who could forget the big commotion regarding Deadpool’s arrival in the cinema? The sarcastic mercenary pressed the envelope by focusing on a different type of “hero” and being the first Marvel film to gain an “R” rating. Morena Baccarin has played an integral role in both. I recently visited with her about what it was like to work on the sets, her role in Gotham, and the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie. In the television series Gotham, Morena portrays Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Throughout the show her character has been the main love interest of Jim Gordon, played by her real life husband Ben McKenzie. Obviously acting across from your spouse comes with its own set backs and benefits.

The best part about working with Ben? Getting to work with my husband. The worst part? Getting to work with my husband… One of the most memorable moments for me was a scene where I go visit Gordon in jail. I’m pregnant and trying to convince him not to give up. I was actually pregnant and it was a very strange situation to try to imagine and have to live through my character.

In a world where many fans are divided between their Marvel and DC preferences, few actors/actresses have been a part of both worlds. However, Morena has proven to be one of the exceptions.

It’s not strange at all. They are very different worlds and don’t compete with each other at all. I do feel really lucky to be able to dabble in both.

As we talked I tried to test her franchise loyalty by asking her who would win in the hypothetical situation that her husband’s character (Jim Gordon) has to apprehend Deadpool (her other character’s love interest in the Marvel world). Unfortunately, she managed to stay neutral on the issue.

Now that’s something I would like to see.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to hit theatres this May. In the last installation we were able to see Wade’s transformation in becoming Deadpool, the journey of reconnecting with his love, and creating much havoc as he sought revenge along the way. Now that all of this was accomplished, the plot of the new movie looks to answer the question, “What next?”

We get to see Wade and Vanessa take their relationship to the next level. And Vanessa is instrumental in aiding Wade in finding his purpose.

Avid comic readers may recognize that her character, Vanessa Carlysle, is actually a shape-shifting mutant in Marvel. Audiences were not given any indication of this in the last Deadpool movie. Many Internet theorists are wondering whether or not we will see this side of Morena’s character. I tried to clarify the matter but, alas, we will have to wait to find out.

You know I can’t tell you that!

Morena Baccarin will be one of the guests appearing at Fan Expo Dallas 2018 where she will be doing photos, autographs, and discussion panels. You will also find her Gotham costar and husband, Ben McKenzie, in attendance. If you are a fan of Gotham or Deadpool you will not want to miss this year’s Fan Expo Dallas.

I’m always very excited to meet the fans. It still amazes me that people come out in droves to see actors they like and admire. And without the fans, we would be nowhere. It [Fan Expo Dallas] is my chance to say thanks.

FXD18 will be held April 6-8 at the Dallas Convention Center. Morena will be appearing Saturday and Sunday. For more information about Fan Expo Dallas, schedules, updated guests, and tickets click here.