INTERVIEW: Look out Santa, Rob Lake is Coming to Town

Master illusionist Rob Lake will be bringing Christmas magic to Dallas, literally. Rob is arguably the world's top magician and has a stash of accolades to support this statement. In 2008, he was given the "Merlin Award", which is bestowed to the International Stage Magician of the Year.

"We're so glued to our devices that people want a break to see the impossible. We can watch the most amazing special effects with just a filter on our phone, but to see something with your own eyes that's physically impossible...that's what real magic is."

- Rob Lake

If you follow America's Got Talent, you will recognize Rob as a 2018 quarterfinalist on the show. He shocked the world and judges with his stunts performed in front of the entire world, including teleportation and death-defying illusions. Now, he is bringing his talent here and will be performing at Fair Park this December 27-28. 

We chatted with Rob Lake earlier this week about his craft and aspirations. His persona exudes the enthusiasm and love for what he does. It is no surprise that he has been able to achieve such high levels of success. 

We were able to discuss some of the best and the most difficult moments in his career. Watch the video above to see what he said and also see a quick magic trick he was able to perform when we put him on the spot!

There is still time to catch one of his shows and bring the holiday magic back to life for your family. You can find tickets and more information on Ticketmaster or most other major ticket sales sites. If you want to learn more about Rob, take a look at his site at or follow him on Twitter (@RobLakeMagic) and Instagram (@RobLakeMagic).