REVIEW: Saul Williams Enlightened Dallas with a Remarkable Performance


Poet, actor, activist, writer, and musician Saul Williams performance was unspeakably awesome, as he engaged all of us in deep thought with his appearance at the Kessler Theater in Dallas last week. He is most definitely a man deeply concerned with people's well-being, as it clearly showed on stage.

Through his words, he examined the world around him along with the emotional universe within himself, proving he is an artist who seeks truth through transgression. That evening we listened as Williams' work shifted between styles, as effortlessly as it weaved webs of interconnected ideas.

The audience was absolutely spellbound as Williams harmoniously spoke lines from a stream-of-consciousness, revealing subliminal messages and connections embedded within a style that struck us as a powerful rhetorical fire.

Williams was very personal and interactive with the audience, spontaneously inviting us into an informal Q&A session where many within the audience shouted their questions and comments from their seats. While he joked about withholding some of his lyrics because he was within the "bible belt", he stated that he liked Dallas, and looks forward to returning again. We hope so Saul, and very soon. You left us thinking.