10 October Festivals to Attend in DFW [Slideshow]

10 October Festivals to Attend in DFW

By I Live In Dallas

Forget Halloween for a moment, October in Dallas-Fort Worth is the time for festivals. Featuring the best in cultural eats, live music, and activities for all ages, start marking up your calendar now!

  • Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering- Fort Worth, Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    The Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District is home to this festival, which celebrates anything and everything that is a part of the cowboy lifestyle. Come prepared with your boots and hat!

  • After Dark in the Park- Arlington, Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    All proceeds from this event go towards River Legacy Foundation's environmental education programs. Definitely a family affair, kids are encouraged to come dressed in costume.

  • Texas Beer Camp- Princeton, Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    BYOB and BYOT (tents) in celebration of craft beer & brewing. The intent of this event is to bring together beer lovers, craft brewers and home brewers to share their passion, knowledge and brews. 

  • WorldFest- Addison Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    WorldFest is North Texas’ largest international festival, offering international music and dance performances, art exhibitions, markets, food, and children’s arts and crafts from around the world.

  • Blue, Bandits, and BBQ- Dallas, Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    Get ready for the annual Blues, Bandits and BBQ festival set right in the heart of Oak Cliff. The event features some of the best BBQ Texas has to offer and live music by local bands.

  • Texas State Veggie Fair- Dallas, Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    Organized by locals who are passionate about the benefits of a plant-based diet and animal welfare, attendees can enjoy local food vendors and free samples from notable speakers and chefs. 

  • State Fair of Texas- Dallas, Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    A local Texas tradition, the State Fair of Texas can speak for itself. This almost month long event features everything from ostrich races, auto shows, to unconventional deep fried cuisine.

  • Lebanese Food Festival- Lewisville, Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    This church thrown event features various authentic Lebanese cuisine, such as stuffed grape leaves, falafel, tabbouli, kafta, baklava and much more. If you're a foodie, then you can't miss this.

  • Canal Fest- Irving, Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    Set along the beautiful Mandalay Canal, Canal Fest includes a local art exhibit, cultural dance performances, family-friendly activities, live music and a variety of food and beverages. 

  • VideoFest- Dallas, Texas

    By I Live In Dallas

    VideoFest is the oldest and largest video festival in the U.S, garnering continuous critical and popular acclaim. If there was one place to check out the hidden gems of cinema, then this would be it.

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