Local alt-rock band BJ Stricker & The Kings debut second EP at The Rustic Oct. 13

The alt-rock jam band BJ Stricker & The Kings reach new heights in their second EP by taking an experimental twist. They took a chance on live-recorded singles with complementary visuals. As they wrap up, the official release is going down this weekend. There will be a live performance from 9:30 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 13 at The Rustic in Dallas. As the band continuously works towards finding their sound, these new releases highlight their newfound style.

“The live takes are from our recent show and incorporating visuals is a new step into how we share our craft with the world,” said Stricker. “It gives a deeper perspective into the lyrics that will hopefully move people in an emotional, yet positive way.”

The band strives to reach audiences at any point in their journey of life. They createemotions of relatable memories in fresh ways through music and storytelling. Their recently released singles, “Don’t Let Go” and “Crash”, showcase just that. “Don’t Let Go” was inspired by having a dream bigger than one’s grassroots and taking the leap of faith. “Crash” was inspired by a moment that two people who love each other share so perfectly.

Each song starts like it always does for me,” said Stricker. “As I play the guitar I kind of stumble onto some chord voicing and progressions that really struck me. How that music makes me feel, whether complete imagination or memories, sort of determined what kind of story came out lyrically.”

Originating from Wisconsin, Stricker found himself in Dallas for the first time in 2014 and went on to releasing a solo EP in 2015. From then, he started piecing together a band and finding their sound. Band members include Larry Clemon Jr. on drums, Patrick Smith on bass guitar, David Wilson on lead guitar, and Ryan Dahir on Saxophone. Tracks were mixed by Carlos Savetman and mastered by Carl Saff.

"This was my first go at mixing tracks from a live show, (as opposed to a studio recording),” said mixing engineer at Sound O Matic studio, Carlos Savetman. “I just wanted to frame the energy and experience of being at the show and let the strength of the material and musicianship shine through.”

The band draws inspiration from Dave Matthews, Neil Young, Ray Lamontagne, and Amos Lee. They’ve shared the stage with various artists, such as Paul Cauthen, Dalton Domino, Uncle Lucious, and Vandoliers. For more information, visit www.bjstricker.com.