Not Sure What to Read Next? This Site Will Tell You …

Trying to stay consistent with literary authors can be tough, and it can be discouraging to buy a book and find out you're not into it 30 pages in. Luckily, there's a website for that. What Should I Read Next? has over 47,000 books in their database. The site is easy to use - submit a title or author and voila! OK, it's not magic (although sometimes I wish it were). The site goes through other users book lists and selects books you might enjoy too. Enter your email address (optional), and start creating your own book list and increase the websites database. I did register and submitted some of the books I've read over the last few months. While the recommendations were great, the site became unfriendly to use (confusing image symbols, an unusable list format). The search function was good enough for me.

Go to the site, pick out a book, and turn off that TV!

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