Interview: Our Talk With The Real Seed Of Chucky


Think your childhood was abnormal? Imagine growing up alongside a doll that has been possessed by a murderous spirit and has the voice of your father. While this may sound similar to several movie plots, it was also a reality for Fiona Dourif. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Fiona about her unique situation.

Fiona’s father, Brad Dourif, has voiced the role of Chucky since the killing doll first appeared on the big screen. This may seem a little unsettling but it wasn’t the case for Fiona. In fact, she grew up embracing the idea.

"It was only cool; there was no downside to it. My birthday is right before Halloween and I have always been a fan of the spooky side of things, although, I find a lot of horror movies to scary to sit through which is a little embarrassing. I remember when I first started to date in 8th or 9th grade that it was a cool thing about me, that my dad was Chucky. It was something that distinguished me."

It is no surprise that she has fallen into the movie business with many of her roles falling in the horror realm. Not only did she persue acting, she even found her way into the Chucky franchise as well. Fiona portrays Nica Pierce in Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky.

"I think horror is really fun because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Thinking about the extremities of human experience is interesting. There is something a little uncomfortable and scary about dolls. You know? Something that is not supposed to be alive but kind of looks like us and represents innocence but that can kill you? I think there is something just frightening in that concept. He [Chucky] is just a lot of fun. He’s got a great sense of humor; you kind of like him and you are kind of rooting for him. Don Mancini hit on something and Chucky has been there ever since."

Some of you may be wondering if it would be strange to hear your father’s voice coming from a murderous doll’s mouth as he threatens to kill you. You are not alone and the answer is yes.

"It was very, very, very weird. I thought that it was going to be distracting and I asked for the puppeteers to record their own voices so it wasn’t my dad but they refused due to the way it is filmed. The way they film is that the prerecorded voice of my dad’s ADR is played while the puppeteers move the doll towards me so I am really acting across the physical entity that is Chucky. I thought it was going to be distracting and a little stupid but it actually had the opposite effect and made it creepier because my father was a really good dad. To have the voice of the supernatural thing that is trying to kill me sound like the source of what has been my greatest comfort made it even scarier for me. It ended up working out great though because Nica is pretty much terrified the entire time in both movies."

The irony does not stop there. In a rather fitting twist of events, Fiona’s character actually becomes possessed by Chucky in the latest installment of the series.

"I was so excited to play it. It was really fun. The whole experience has been surreal and cool. I have looked up to my dad my entire life and to get to play the thing that he is known for was a real special moment for me."

So what is someone who has faced possessed dolls actually afraid of?

"Aliens. I am scared of 'actual aliens'. I'm not saying that aliens actually exist, although, I’m sure they do theoretically. My mother was a firm believer in aliens and kind of raised me with this fear, which we won’t get into because it is too complicated. I was raised with the belief that they actually existed so it is still in the back of my mind somewhere and it’s scary. I actually don’t know how to talk about it."

Fiona will be heading to Dallas this May for Texas Frightmare Weekend. She is scheduled to appear alongside many other actors in the horror genre. The weekend will include photo ops, panels, and much more.

"I really like talking to all of the people, it’s always fun. Also, Chucky fans are always the best. They are so enthusiastic. I will get to go with my dad who I don’t see very often and I get to see everyone so it should be fun."

Click here for more information, scheduling, and tickets to Texas Frightmare Weekend.