Mad Leaf Makes Moves for Dallas


"Mad Leaf Cares is our commitment to providing unique fundraising campaigns for non-profits.  We are 'Breaking the Boring' of fundraising with our one-off shirt designs." - Brent Martin, Founder

Mad Leaf has hit the ground running here in Dallas. This rookie t-shirt company is playing in the Big Leagues, partnering with companies like Souls4Souls to create lasting global change. For each shirt sold, baring the "D-Feet Poverty" slogan, $5 will be donated to Souls4Souls. The distinguishing factor here is that Mad Leaf uses recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton, pair that with catchy designs and you have all the makings of a trend.


"Our mission is to raise awareness regarding environmental friendly initiatives while disproving stereotypes about "Eco" causes with bold, fun and fashionable designs."

With the rise of endangered animals going up and the notable lowering of our sea levels, it's comforting to know that Mad Leaf cares! Check out more fun designs by visiting the website and be on the look out for their next creatively-inspired tee, starting December 1st -- benefiting the North Texas Food Bank.


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  1. We are 'Breaking the Boring' of fundraising with our one-off shirt designs." - Brent Martin, Founder

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