Deep Ellum Gallery Walk 2013 Happens This Saturday

Deep Ellum Gallery Walk 2013

The annual Deep Ellum Gallery Walk will occur this Saturday April 20th, and will showcase special exhibits in ten Deep Ellum art galleries and two studios. Last weekend's Deep Ellum Arts Festival was a success and this encore event should prove to be a grand follow-up. The official event runs from 6-10pm with most stops being walking distance throughout Deep Ellum and Exposition Park.

Deep Ellum Gallery Walk 2013 Studios

3WP Studios

Continental Gin Artist Studios

Deep Ellum Gallery Walk 2013 Galleries

500x Gallery

Central Trak

Continental Lofts Gallery

Kettle Art Gallery

Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Liliana Bloch Gallery

Mokah Art Gallery

The Public Trust

RGB Gallery

Barry Whistler Gallery

The official starting point will be the Kettle Art Gallery, however you can start anywhere you like. See who else is going and RSVP on Facebook.