LevelTen Design @ Whirlyball Dallas

Last night LevelTen Design sponsored our monthly activity event at Whirlyball Dallas (in desperate need of a new website). What seemed destined at the beginning to be an event with only 4 participants making the best of it, turned out to be one of our best nights together. I had never laughed so much in a go-cart.

The game is to get the ball into the square using your scoop and score more points than the other team. Seems easy enough. But it's not, and it's OK because everyone is aiming just as bad as you. It's fun, competitive and inexpensive. We had rented the room for an hour and the total cost was a little more than $200 (with open bar).

The team building exercise was a definite success. We also showed our new Front End Developer (above right), on her first day, how much we all love to work and play ... together.