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Last Formal Show at And/Or with Chad Hopper

23_cad_wool_mdAnd/Or Gallery Show #23: Chad Hopper
opening reception Saturday, May 9th, 6pm-9pm with PROM 2009 next door at House of Dang!

"This weekend come see the last formal show at And/Or with our Austin favorite, Chad Hopper. His comical and peculiar work in every medium has had considerable influenced on my own artistic practice. This is Chad's first solo show at the gallery, and we will have his sculpture, painting, college, and video work, in addition to some special archival prints."

Chad Hopper is an Austin-based collage and mixed-media artist; as well as traveling art peddler, member of Night Viking, and illustrator of the World Salad comic strip. Inspired by discarded objects, Hopper recycles the banal into a minimalist fusion of gag art and modern commentary. Thrift-store paintings, magazine clippings, coloring books, or vintage advertisements are all the raw materials of Hopper's salvaged and mixed-media work.

And/Or Gallery
4221 Bryan St. Suite B
Dallas, TX 75204

Source :: And/Or Gallery