Food Tours of America Adds JFK Walking Tour to Their Four Course Dining & Dallas History Experience


Locally-owned restaurant touring and dining experience company Food Tours of America, just announced an addition to the lineup of their daily food tours in Dallas, the all-new Dine & Dealey JFK Tour.

This special tour is narrated by an actual Dallas historian, and begins at the steps of The Old Red Courthouse in the historic West End and ends at Dealey Plaza. Between history lessons and architectural commentary, tour attendees are presented with courses from four different restaurants.

"Food Tours of America became 'Dallas' only walking food tour' almost two years ago and has been guiding 10 - 30 people through Uptown on a daily basis ever since. We're very excited to be combing such an important piece of Dallas history with our walking food tours," explained owner Jodi Philippson

November 2013 marked the 50th found these historic sites best explored by foot. Take a moment to reflect in the John F. Kennedy Memorial. Schedule your tour here. Use the promo code DALLAS when you sign-up to get a special VIP rate. Schedule your tour here.

During this tour you can stand at the grassy knoll assassination site where you will see the X's on Elm street that mark where the two shots were fired, as well as look up at the infamous sniper's perch window, among other sites to see.

Dine & Dealey JFK Tour Highlights includes:

  • Old Red Courthouse History & Architecture
  • Dealey Plaza, one of three National Historic Landmarks in Dallas
  • Motorcade Route and Grassy Knoll assassination site
  • Old Texas School Book Depository Building and Sniper Perch Window
  • Warren Commission and Conspiracy Theories
  • Iconic structures of the downtown Dallas Skyline
  • Views of the 40 story tall Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
  • History of the West End Warehouse District
  • Overview of the Dallas Arts District, largest in the nation

Use the promo code DALLAS when you sign-up to get a special VIP rate. Schedule your tour here.