Get The Underground Scoop at the Dallas Indie Festival

Godzilla. Xmen. 22 Jump Street. Congratulations, you know a few of the huge summer movies coming out in 2014. But what about those independent movies or bands that all your cool friends talk about? You nod your head and agree with their reviews while you actually have no idea what “movies” or “bands” they’re referring to. Curious about the people that create all this stuff? Interested in possibly seeing a film or performance so you can join in on the conversation? Lucky you, Indie Fest is here to help.

Dallas Indie Festival is a 4-day event that highlights some of the best Indie music, film, and art. The event kicks off on Thursday, June 19th and features two film blocks followed by a director’s talk in the evening. Friday also only features film, but Saturday and Sunday include much more. Take part in an art festival, featuring over 50 artists, jewelry makers, painters, sculptors, and wood makers. Live music will also be performed both days.

A festival pass for Saturday or Sunday is only $10 at the entrance. Interested in seeing some films? Each film block (1-4 films depending on the block) is just $15.  Snag tickets at the door or on a special livingsocial deal for specific dates here.dallas indie fest

Thursday, June 19th-Sunday, June 22nd, 2014
Bath House Cultural Center
521 E. Lawther Dr.
Dallas, TX 75218