INTERVIEW: Four Questions for Dexter Holland of The Offspring About His Hot Sauce

DexterGringo Bandito is a hot sauce brand created by Dexter Holland. Yes, that Dexter Holland. He is the lead singer for the multi-platinum punk rock band The Offspring. In the past we've reported on award-winning hot sauce makers via our yearly visit to ZestFest. Some high profile folks have noticed.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to help get the word out about Dexter's sauce in the Dallas area. We like melting our faces off for the sake of good journalism, and when combined with punk rock music of our youth, we rationalized, why not? The Offspring will be in town tonight! We sent some questions to Dexter about his spicy concoction. He wrote us back with some juicy details.

ILID: What was the worst night you ever had in Mexico? What happened?

DEXTER: I was down in Ensenada on a surf trip with some buddies. We were starving after a long day so we went out and got a bunch of fresh seafood. That lead to a very tough night! It was nothing some tacos and Pacifico’s couldn’t fix though.

ILID: Are there parallels between punk rock and hot sauce? If so, please connect the dots for us.bottle

DEXTER: There are definitely parallels between the two. When someone is a fan of punk rock or hot sauce they absolutely love it and live by it. We have had Gringo Bandito fans tell us that they keep a bottle of GB in their glove box so they can eat it on every meal! Now that’s dedication.

ILID: Are you more of a flavor or fire guy? Did your preference shape the flavor of Gringo Bandito?

DEXTER: I enjoy the heat, but I am more of a flavor guy. There are some novelty hot sauces out there that are meant to be insanely hot, but I tried to make GB full of flavor. We focus on a full bodied hot sauce that adds flavor your dish rather than burn your tongue.

ILID: What's your favorite Cal Mex or Tex Mex dish to slather your sauce on?

DEXTER: I love our Super Hot sauce on carne asada burritos. It's an ideal combination of heat and flavor.

Thanks Dexter for your time!

The Offspring will be playing at The Pavilion at Irving Music Factory tonight (Friday), 9/22/17. You can find out more about Gringo Bandito, and buy online, by visiting: