INTERVIEW: Celebrity Stylist Charity Lewis Advocates for Fashion with Purpose

Dallas-based celebrity and everyday stylist, Charity Lewis, advocates for fashion with intention throughout the Metroplex. Lewis created C.LewStyles to carry out this vision by providing high-end services to help individuals develop a confident style and assist local brands by spreading awareness of their designs. As a mother, wife, professional nurse and entrepreneur, she tailors each outfit to be functional and fashionable with a touch of purpose no matter the occasion.

We sat down with the fashion guru to find out more about why she chose to start a styling company in the Big D and how she's working towards reclaiming purpose in every woman's wardrobe.

What draws you into the styling/fashion industry?

Being a personal stylist allows me to be creative! Fashion is easy, anyone can pick up an amazing piece of clothing and put it on, but the styling is an art -- it allows me to arrange prints, fabrics and various types of pieces to compliment body shapes for a distinct appearance and mood. This art form provides me the privilege to connect with client’s and help them understand the power of who they can be as they transform into a better version of themselves.

With so many aspiring stylists wanting to move to the ‘fashion capitals’ of New York and California – what attracted you to the Dallas fashion scene?

Places such as New York and California are saturated with stylists, who have either established a name and client base for their brand, or aspiring stylists competing to expose themselves to celebrities and brands. After launching my styling company, I met and have worked with so many other stylists, designers, photographers and other creative entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, that support each other and work to develop long-lasting relationships. Network and community are here. There are so many opportunities to grow and work with other creatives, that support and respect your skillset. The opportunities to work with new brands, up and coming artists, designers, photographers, etc.  are beneficial because you gain experience and are able to establish a versatile client base.

What is the importance of helping others feel confident in their shoes?

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. Let’s be honest, people are going to treat you how they perceive you, and if you don’t feel confident about who you are or how you look, then people won’t take you seriously. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s so true -- “you really do feel good, when you look good!” My goal is to provide an experience for each of my clients to get to know them personally and style them in a way that represents their personality, strengths and potential to essentially dress them to impress. It is not just others but most importantly themselves. Confidence is the key to success.

How did you come up with becoming an advocate of helping women reclaim their purpose in style?

Mom. Wife. Nurturer. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Counselor. Nurse. Problem solver….and the list goes on. These are just a few titles that describe a woman. Women are so used to taking care of others, naturally, because it’s innate and that’s how we’re wired. Sometimes they get so caught up in their daily titles, they forget about themselves and their dreams. I know I’ve been guilty of it myself.

But in order to effectively take care of others, a woman has to take care of herself first. Otherwise, her cup is half empty and she isn’t functioning at her best. My mission is to provide a luxury service to cater to everyday people, to assist them in developing a distinct look of personal style that makes them feel and look amazing. You become a new person, fearless and powerful.

How do you balance your passion for helping others in your nursing career and working on your side hustle?  

Nursing is a flexible industry. My work schedule consists of three, 12-hour shifts per week. Although it’s a three day work week, these days are long and demanding. I usually get home between 7:45 and 8 p.m., spend time with my husband and our son, put our son to bed, and usually am up for a few hours to work on styling looks, answer emails and develop ideas for my brand.

When you have a passion for multiple things, such as in my field of nursing and personal styling as my side hustle, these are two things that require time and dedication; there’s no such thing as balance. I just find time to get it done. Finding the time means sacrificing sleep, not attending extracurricular events,  and grinding until the task has been completed or stepping away from work to spend quality time with my family and indulge in self-care.

What have been some of the major challenges you’ve encountered as a stylist?

As a stylist, you always want to partner with brands for pull access this provides you with exclusivity and the ability to gain access to some of the best designers and quality of clothing. When you’re new to the industry and primarily style every day, working clients, many brands aren’t open to providing pulls to you. It forces you to take a creative approach when selecting clothing that reflects a unique, powerful style while staying within the boundaries of a limited budget.

What else is happening next in Charity Lewis’ world?

I am continuing to research and learn more about the industry so that I can continue to excel and provide quality service to my clients. In the future, I’d like to partner with domestic violence shelters and breast cancer organizations, such as Know Your Girls, to promote health awareness and self- confidence. Self-care, confidence, and healthcare are a few of my other passions and I know image and style often affects the way a person feels about oneself.

Keep an eye on Charity Lewis as she continues to fulfill her passion for fashion through C.LewStyles. For more information visit