INTERVIEW: North Texas Actor Eddie Hassell Plays in Film Bomb City – An Award-Winning Texas-based True Story

Bomb City - Movie Poster
Corsicana native Eddie Hassell (IMDB) is celebrating the theatrical run of Bomb City. The independent narrative first premiered at the 2017 Dallas International Film Festival where it won the Audience Award for ‘Best Narrative Feature.’ It went on to win the same award at the Louisville, Nashville, and Tallgrass Film Festivals.

The film tells the true story of Brian Deneke, a 19-year-old “Punk” and his senseless death at the hands of 17-year-old “Jock”, Dustin Camp. The trial that ensues thereafter in their small conservative town of Amarillo, Texas, makes the entire country question the morality of American justice.

Eddie stars in the film as Oles, based off of Brian Deneke’s real life friend, Chris Oles. Growing up in Texas himself and assimilating with the “Punk” group, the role and story really hit home for him. His undeniable passion for the story and its message can be seen through his brilliant performance.

Tonight, Friday, March 9th, on what would be Brian Deneke’s 40th Birthday, a special celebration screening and live show will take place at the historic Texas Theatre.

Following the film, “Ink Master’s” Oliver Peck (IMDB) will host a filmmaker/cast Q&A followed by a live performance by CJ Ramone w/Total Chaos, Akkolyte, The Nelsons, Hell Ride Collective and Eddie Hassell himself.

We shot Hassell an email via his publicist and to learn a little more about his background and motivation surrounding his acting career..

ILID: It looks like you've been in film since you were quite young, what/whom inspired you to want to act?Eddie Hassell

EH: I don't know. Ever since I could remember I've always had a very vivid imagination. I was the kind of kid who would watch “Mortal Kombat” or “Power Rangers” and go to school the next day thinking I could fight and get my butt kicked but I guess you could say I was always quote un quote an entertainer?!

As a child I was always putting on magic shows or some bizarre type of self-expression, ha ha. I was also pretty notorious for dressing up as a waiter, printing out menus and serving my family dinner (that my mom just cooked) in full on character as a French chef named "Splatter," lol, and of course I wanted a tip at the end. ;)

ILID: Did you take classes?

EH: No, ha ha, growing up I never liked school so acting classes just seemed like more school to me. I always did better with something a little more intimate or one on one so private coaching on auditions from time to time was what worked best for me.

ILID: Whom are your mentors, or actors you respect, admire, and want to learn from?

EH: I've never had a mentor, per say, as awesome as that'd be. I have been fortunate, however, to work with quite a few well respected actors that have given me some great tips along the way. As for actors I respect, ha ha, I could go on for days but just to name a few: James Cagney, Marlon Brando, and Johnny Depp.

ILID: Do you feel growing up in Texas helped you portray Oles (Chris Oles) more authentically?

EH: Oh for sure! Honestly it was really a mixture of growing up in California and having a Texas background. Oles is a different breed. He is not typical Texan, he is not typical anything. I got to know him, stayed with him, and worked really hard to capture everything about him.

ILID: Did you/do you spend much time in Dallas? If so, what are some of your favorite things to do? Or places to eat?

EH: I didn't really spend much time in Dallas. I am from a small town. Now having shot the film, I have spent more time in Dallas and I really like it. I’m just beginning to check out the scene and make friends. So far I like the Church, Panoptikon, and Cidercade.


Get your tickets Bomb City + performances by  C.j Ramone + Total Chaos, Akkolyte & Eddie Hassell here.