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If the world does end…I’m already in a Daze

So, in like 24 hours, the world is supposed to end. If the Mayans got it right, there's likely to be some fire, a little brimstone, and a fairly decent amount of possible weeping and gnashing of teeth. It's not supposed to be fun.'ve got tonight (and maybe tomorrow if there's a delay or a glitch in the system) to go see one of the most awesome Christmas shows to come to Dallas in a while- Cirque Dreams Holidaze.

Image Courtesy of is a lot like  being transported to a Seuss inspired world full of Christmas cheer and ridiculously well-toned, overly energetic acrobats.  Between the flipping and the human juggling, the magic disappearing acts, and the high wire theatrics, one thing continued to be abundantly clear- I am a poor specimen of human ability.  I mean seriously, the people who were on stage were doing things with their bodies that should make any of us feel like spending the next several months in the gym, and made me feel really bad about all the kids I made fun of growing up for going to ballet, gymnastics, and playing with jump ropes.  You literally sit in utter disbelief for about two hours (which for the record flies by in record time) and can't imagine how the next act will top the one you just saw...until it does.  There were songs, there was audience participation, there were lights and undoubtedly a message woven throughout the entire night, but what kept my jaw on the floor was the thought that "this is stinkin' cool!"

So, if you're looking for something to do to bide your time before the world comes to a cataclysmic end, or if the Mayans got

Image Courtesy

it completely wrong and we're stockpiling water and C-rations like it's 1999 all over again, you should head on over to Winspear Opera House tonight, or any night between now and December 23 and have your face rocked off.  And a big fat "my bad" to all the gyms, ballet studios, gymnastics teams, and martial artists I mistakenly snickered at in my youth.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have like 50 pushups to do, and am going to keep trying to balance my co-workers on my feet and juggle them.  Where'd they all go anyway...

AT&T Performing Arts Center Presents: Cirque Dreams Holidaze

Through December 23, 2012
Times and Tickets Vary

AT&T Performing Arts Center
2403 Flora St.
Dallas, TX 75201