Drone Wars V at Cavanaugh Flight Museum


In a sport that looks more sci-fi than NASCAR, flying drones has taken off across the United States. Addison’s Cavanaugh Flight Museum will celebrate the fun and festivities of drone racing on Saturday, February 3, when they host Drone Wars V at Cavanaugh Flight Museum. These indoor races, which will be hosted in an 11,000 square foot aircraft hangar, showcase drones competing head to head on both 3-D Line of Sight and First Person View (FPV) obstacle courses. In each heat, the winning drone will be the one which crosses the finish line first. The carefully crafted, netted course includes hoops, pylons, bridges, turns and slaloms. Cash prizes will be awarded for first through third place. Race entry: $25; Spectator entry for adults: $12; spectator entry for children 4-12): $6. Registration can be made by contacting Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Between heats, there will be opportunities for beginners to learn about drone flight and try out the sport in hands on test flights from area suppliers. For information on Drone Wars and the museum, go to www.cavflight.org or call 972-380-8800, #115.