4 MarTech Companies in Dallas

martech companies in dallas
This is a list of MarTech companies located in Dallas. We'd like to keep this list up to date so if you know of a MarTech company based in the Dallas area let us know and we'll add them to this list.

  1. Advice Local - Advice Local is a MarTech company based in McKinney that offers local marketing tools for small, mid-sized, regional, and enterprise level businesses. They have 2 different tools currently.
    • Advice Local - A location data updating tool which helps ensure customers find your location correctly no matter what platform they search on.
      Website: www.AdviceLocal.com
      Free / Paid: Paid
    • Advice Mobile - A tool that helps businesses create iOS and Android apps for their business that integrate with their current website at an inexpensive cost.
      Website: AdviceMobile.com
      Free / Paid: Paid
  2. Social Centive - Addison based Twitter marketing tool which helps companies create campaigns to engage Twitter users seeking products and services. The platform offers brands a way to understand conversations being had on Twitter using Natural Language Processing and sends offers such as a discount to users who might be interested in the product or service offered. For example if you tweet out that you're hungry for pizza or are looking for a good cup of coffee you might get engaged by a Social Centiv client offering you a coupon. The platform is currently only open to companies with larger budgets with current brands using the tool including Papa John's, McDonald's, Hilton, Hooters, and the NFL.
  3. Inbound Geo - An online to offline retargeting tool that helps websites gather accurate location information and then automatically sends direct mailing materials to potential customers. Built by noted digital tech and startup entrepreneur Michael Sitarzewski (LaunchDFW) this SaaS tool allows websites to send direct mail to potential customers who might be interested but would rather review print materials.
  4. PR Hunters - A public relations and blogger outreach tool that helps pr agents and marketers connect to interested journalists and bloggers in real time over Twitter. This tool works by using natural language processing to identify journalists on Twitter who post tweets seeking sources for their upcoming stories. It then pairs the conversations up using settings by each user and sends free daily emails or real-time updates (paid version) containing the matching tweets so that marketers can quickly respond to the request. The tool is used widely in places like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Germany and is planning an expanded U.S. presence in 2017.

Dallas is well-known for its energy, healthcare, real estate, and financial companies. One area that seems overlooked often is the regional MarTech industry. A MarTech company is one that creates technology with the specific purpose of helping another company's marketing efforts. While there are currently only a few MarTech companies in the Dallas area the number has grown swiftly over the past several years and deserves notice for their ability to generate attention and gain customers across the country and internationally. The MarTech space itself is expected to continue growing and with it the Dallas MarTech scene might continue to grow as well. We'll keep this list as up-to-date as possible. Send any tips you have my way.