Special Event: Dessert & Beer Pairing at Joyce & Gigi’s

Joyce & Gigi's

Everyone knows about beer dinners and the pairing of the bitter, roasty, fruity, sweeter flavors and aromas of beer and melding them together with the savory characteristics of heavy meaty dishes and the more delicate flavors of vegetables and fish.  But beer and food are much more broad and complex than that.  Beer and dessert are a natural pair, some breweries even using desserts as an inspiration for their brews, including Rogue Ale's Voodoo Doughnut Series and Southern Tier's Créme Brûlée and Chokolat stouts.  Recently, the Trinity Grove's LUCK  collaborated with Deep Ellum's Glazed Donut Works to bring out the best in pairing local beers with non-traditional donuts.  Crazy combinations like Bearded Eel's Bent Rut Imperial Red Ale with a Chocolate Cherry Bomb doughnut or Revovler's Sidewinder Pale Ale with a Macadamia Toastsed Coconut doughnut.  But we need to be thinking outside of the proverbial doughnut box.  We need REAL desserts.

After becoming friends with Gigi Agiluera (head chef and part owner of Joyce & Gigi's Kitchen), we have been collaborating on bringing her flavorful South American cuisine alongside what is the best local beer DFW has to offer.  After a successful first beer dinner back in March, we have decided to try something a little different.  We will be pairing three South American inspired desserts with three local/regional beers.

Pairing #1:  A tart and creamy Passionfruit Tres Leches Cake, paired with an equally tart and fruity Farmhouse Saison in Jester King's Orange & Grapefruit Provenance (Austin, TX)

Pairing #2:  Balancing the delicate flavors of Fried Yucca Buñuelos (fried dough balls with cheese) drizzled with honey, paired with the lighter easier-drinking hop balance of Community's Sundial Session IPA (Dallas, TX)

Pairing #3:  Taking the sweetness that is the Banana Manjar (caramelized bananas with Italian meringue) dusted with cocoa powder, and juxtaposing it against the dry and roasty saltiness of the Martin House Pretzel Stout (Ft. Worth, TX)

Saturday July 25th, 3:30 PM

Cost: $25, includes all three desserts and all three beers described

Joyce & Gigi's Kitchen
1623 N. Hall St.
Dallas, TX 75204

Call to reserve your spot: 469 334 0799
Seats are still available!

19 Responses to “Special Event: Dessert & Beer Pairing at Joyce & Gigi’s”

  1. Dessert and Beer sounds really strange. But I heard that some folks love eating chocolate and with beer. By the way, this was communicable client of our website.

    So I would call this a perversion fest lol.

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