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Special Event: Dessert & Beer Pairing at Joyce & Gigi’s

Special Event: Dessert & Beer Pairing at Joyce & Gigi's

Everyone knows about beer dinners and the pairing of the bitter, roasty, fruity, sweeter flavors and aromas of beer and melding them together with the savory characteristics of heavy meaty dishes and the more delicate flavors of vegetables and fish.  But beer and food are much more broad and complex than that.  Beer and dessert […]

The 2015 DFW Beer Bracket

The 2015 DFW Beer Bracket

Every year in March, all eyes across the country are focused on March Madness and college basketball.  About that same time, every media outlet has bracket-styled polls to garner your attention.  Instead of others making the decision for what is the best of this, or the greatest of that, I give you the 2015 DFW Beer Bracket, where YOU decide what YOU like best.  The idea is to print out the beer bracket below, and when you go out drinking, order a taster flight of beer matchups, and record for yourself which you like the best.  As you go through the bracket, you will figure out your beer preferences, and eventually land on what DFW beer is YOUR favorite.