Dallas Peace Center | Dinner Lecture with Col. Ann Wright

Dallas Peace Center is the oldest and largest peace and justice org in North Texas. Their mission is to educate the community in a positive, non-violent and grassroots approach. They have partnered with other peace groups worldwide to promote public awareness about international relations, including Big Three Oil Boycott to End the War, and North Texas Coalition for a Just Peace.

On July 23, Dallas Peace Center will sponsor a dinner lecture series featuring Col. Ann Wright.

Col. Ann Wright

Col. Wright is the senior-most U.S. official to publicly resign in protest of the Iraq War. After nearly 20 years of service with the State Department, Wright resigned citing the lack of U.N. support for the Iraq invasion, the lack of effort in Israel-Palestine and North Korea, and the threat to liberties in the U.S. as reasons for her departure.

Her resignation letter listed four reasons as to why she was resigning: 1) US invaded Iraq without the consent of UN. 2)The “lack of effort” in the Israeli-Palestinian peace progress. 3) The “lack of policy” in regard to North Korea. 4) The limitation of civil liberties within the US.

Wright has been involved with helping organize the Camp Casey demonstration, rode on the Bring Them Home Now bus tour, has volunteered at Camp Casey 3, and the Veterans for Peace shelter after Hurricane Katrina. She gives lectures on her views of foreign policy issues and was appeared in the documentary “Uncovered: The War on Iraq”. She has been arrested five times for protesting against the Bush administration and refers to herself as a “felon for peace”.

Reserve tickets in advance. The individual ticket price is $75. Dinners will be at FunAsia at 1210 E. Beltline Rd., Richardson, TX 75081.

The Dallas Peace Center was started in 1981.

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