Dallas Local Wants to Bring Back Funk and Soul

You may not know his name, but you definitely know his music. He was a pivotal member of the band Kool & The Gang and he is on a mission to bring back the sounds of Otis Blackwell (the legendary Blues and Rock & Roll songwriter), he is Dallas area Local Sir Earl Toon.

Sir Earl Toon hollywood walk of fame kool and the gang

Sir Earl Toon (pictured holding a plaque on the right) with Kool and the Gang at their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Sir Earl Toon is a passionate musician and his music likely helped shape part of your childhood and might still get you excited as an adult. Cover bands around DFW, the country, and even the world routinely play a song he co-wrote, "Celebration", as people dance and enjoy themselves. Now, Mr. Toon is asking for our help to pay homage to his mentor and hero, Otis Blackwell.

Otis was one of the single most prolific songwriters in the history of Rock & Roll having penned chart topping smash hits for Elvis Presley, Madonna, Jerry Lewis, Peggy Lee, Pat Boone, and James Taylor. Otis Blackwell only ever took one protege to pass on his song writing prowess, Sir Earl Toon. He would not be let down. On February 7th, 1981 a song co-written by Sir Earl Toon would top the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #1. Celebration was called an "International Anthem" and would go on to be Kool & The Gang's only #1 hit song, but they were far from a one-hit wonder they also recorded hit songs such as Ladies Night and Too Hot.

After a lifetime of creating musical successes Sir Earl Toon, now living in the Dallas area, wants to bring back the sounds of his mentor, the great Otis Blackwell. Together they wrote 70 songs which have never been published or recorded, but we can change that and make it happen. We can bring back Soul, Funk, and that good time feeling of Rock & Roll, if only for a brief moment.

The project is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and needs your help. To help bring back Otis Blackwell's music and help Sir Earl Toon 'celebrate' one of the greatest musical minds the world has even known check out the fundraiser here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1325373455/sir-earl-toons-tribute-to-otis-blackwell-old-and-n