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Social Media Celebrity Couch Surfing Ori to Host 1st Art Show to Display Works from Year-Long Artistic Pursuit


*See text of transcribed digital flyer below.

Social Media celebrity, Internet entrepreneur, Creative Master, and Renaissance man, Ori Bengal to host his first art show Tuesday, April 23rd,  at Infest in Austin, Texas, starting at 7:30. This free to the public art show will consist of a whole year's worth of painting, which Bengal did every single day for a year. Original sculptures will also be on display, which Bengal delve into near the end of his year-long prolific artistic pursuit.

Why are we mentioning an event in Austin? Well, for one Ori is our friend, an inspiration to many, and was the MC at the Social Media Business Boot Camp in Dallas we covered and participated in back in 2010. We were honored to have him sleep on our couch not once, but twice.

Before he was a painter and sculpture, he had many other adventures, including couchsurfing with the goal of extended travel, and the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the biggest names in business, self-development, marketing, and other disciplines by simply asking, "Can I stay on your couch?" It's hard to put Ori into words, so I will let him speak for himself. He has dozens of websites, and different personalities, however here is his description of one. Ori-Bengal

" is the website that allows you to experience the world through my eyes, as I travel the world crashing on people’s couches while seeing incredible people, and amazing adventures. I’m an award-winning photographer, a marketer, a videographer / video editor, a lover of telling “groaner” jokes, a problem solver, or… to shorten it up- an adventuer that gets bored easily. I’ve gotten to train with UFC fighters, stay at an all girls’ college, jump out of planes, snowboard, meet my heroes in art and see the world from a perspective you couldn’t get by just staying at hotels). I hope that my antics entertain and inspire you to have the life of your (best) dreams. On occasion, I’ll teach some useful business/marketing techniques… try not to be scared."

Being able to branch out and not be put in a box is an extension of Ori's story. Although he has traveled the world, met extraordinary people, and has done incredible things, for the last year his focus has been on on art. Over the last year, he has been highly prolific in creating iPad and computer art that looks like oil paintings and tonight is culmination of this year-long pursuit. Since the digital flyer above is not readable given the size restraints, we have transcribed it below.

"A Year as an Artist" Digital Flyer Text

"While on his 6 year couchsurfing adventure, Ori Bengal was taken to a gallery in Maui. Where he predicted them to be snooty, he left with a pain...the desire to create beautiful art, and a sorrow for the years wasted. On April 23rd, of 2012, Ori vowed to improve.

His plan was to leverage technology, and that he did. Ori created at least one painting every single day-leveraging social media to share the images, and iPad and a computer to paint on, and the Internet to learn from. Come share in celebrating a year of caffeine, lack of social life, and blowing off important things in pursuit of passion.

April 23rd is the 1 year anniversary, & Ori is having a celebration of ORIginal Art. Join him at Infest, Austin (213 W 5th St. Austin, TX) for live music, an art show, and the creation of the very last piece of the 1st year. Skinny people, fat people, robots, dragons, maidens, dogs, cats, and meth lab, and the world's first zebra launcher, the Ocean, you name it, Ori painted it."

Thanks for the inspiration. We wish you luck Ori in all of your endeavors!