Cosmunity: An App to Upgrade the Fandom Experience


A new app has arrived just in time for the spring comic con season in Texas. Cosmunity is a new site (and accompanying mobile app) that allows people to take their cosplay capabilities to the next level. It is a unique experience that blends social networking, marketing, and allows followers to stay informed about related upcoming events.

The site was developed by DFW’s own Cole Egger with the assistance of two UTD students Zac Cooner (COO and co-founder) and Chance Hudson (CTO and co-founder). It aims to help take fandom to the next level. Cosmunity gives people the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics in forums such as anime, video games, cosplay, and much more. The app also allows you to share your personal pictures and discover like-minded people. Rather than merely being able to express yourself during convention dates, fans can now enhance their passion throughout the year.

The market portion of Cosmunity lets followers effortlessly find costumes and rare cosplay items. You can simply browse through the many items already listed for sale or exclusively search for that costume you have been yearning to get. However, the market is not only limited to cosplay. You can also find a large plethora of collectible items available such as rare comic books, games, and figures. Although the app is relatively new, it already has generated a variety of seemingly countless items that are sure to meet your needs. Have a related item? Add it to the existing inventory list in just a few simple steps to be sold.

Don’t miss out on the hottest upcoming events. Cosmunity has a list of local conventions and shows so keep you informed. Additionally, it allows fellow attendees to chat about the events and create a bond before the convention even begins. Download the app before Dallas' uncoming con - Fan Expo March 31 - April 2, 2017.

Cosmunity is free to join and has already proven to be the next innovative tool to the fandom world. Navigating the app has proven to be as easy as signing up for it. The layout is clear and it will only take a few moments before you are consumed by the wide community at your disposal. Visit the community by visiting:

To download Cosmunity for iOS, click here.
To download Cosmunity for Android, click here.