The Nightmare Is Over, TFW Returns In September

Horror fanatics' fears came true last year when Texas Frightmare Weekend was canceled due to Covid. Fortunately, the convention returns in September and will be bringing screams of delight (and maybe some of sheer terror as well). Texas Frightmare Weekend boasts that it is “The Southwest’s Premier Horror Convention” and the lineup this year goes to show why.

Cinema's horror genre has thrilled audiences for decades. Names like Candyman, Leatherface, and Jason are embedded in pop culture today. TFW21 includes names from these timeless films and more. Some of the top talent that will be present this year are actors like Danny Trejo, Freddy Prinze Jr, Traci Lords, and even Slipknot's lead singer Corey Taylor. Take a look at the full lineup here.

Texas Frightmare Weekend will take place at The Hyatt Regency Hotel located at the DFW airport. It will run Friday through Sunday, September 10-12. Lodging is available and tickets can be purchased here