3 Places Where You Can Learn Burlesque in Dallas

The instructors at the Ruby Room.

The instructors at the Ruby Room Studio.

It was the last weekend of June, and I convinced a friend of mine to come to Texas Theater to attend a burlesque show. We paid $22 dollars a piece and came into the auditorium area where other patrons were waiting. It was my first time coming to a burlesque show, so I didn't know what to expect. Questions swirled around my head like cartoon stars; I don't normally go to something like this so I was there flying blind. You'd think that I was the one that was about to go on stage. Just like that (snap!) - the lights died down, and the 60's music began to play. The burlesque performers came onto the stage, and I knew there was no going back.

Long story short, I had a hell of a great time.

What is burlesque? Urban Dictionary defines it as "A variety show that uses: comedians, strippers, or musicians that often sing and dance while removing their clothes in a seductive manner." It requires its performers (mainly female) to act out comic sketches mixed with dancing that pokes fun at everything. There are rules: minimum costuming, sexually-related dialog or innuendo, and clever comedic moments that are easy to laugh at and harmless.

It's the polar opposite of what you would expect if you were seeing an adult dancer. They undress for the sake of making a living and are extremely serious about it (from what I've been told). A burlesque performer undresses for the sake of admiration, love of attention, and to prove a point. Plus there is no actual nudity in burlesque (ever heard of pasties?), which is another reason why it's considered more of an art form.

So when you think of "burlesque", what do you think?

So when you think of "striping", what do you think?

These words go hand and hand in some ways. But they couldn't be any more different than night and day. So if there are people who may be interested in how the other half lives, one way would be to attend a class. So here is a shortlist of Dallas burlesque schools anyone (female and male) could attend to become a burlesque extraordinaire.

1. Dallas School of Burlesque

They made the shortlist because they were the one's that hosted the event I attended. Around for a couple of years, The Dallas School will work with you to become the best burlesque performer you can be. I think that's why the first class is free for newbies. Its' not whether you succeed or fail, it how you're going to have a great time with your friends.

2924 Main St #103,
Dallas, TX 75226


2. Ruby Room Studio

Okay, there maybe some of you out there that interested in burlesque, but not wanting to put it out there for a bunch of strangers.  This is where Ruby Room comes in. The place also doubles as an exercise studio. This locale is marketed towards females (sorry fellas) so if you like to stay fit, learn some burlesque moves, and feel great working up a sweat, give this place a try.

4118 Commerce St, Suite 102
Dallas, TX


3. Burlesque Body Sculpt

Another place that caters to females willing to learn burlesque. Its a unique that of dance fitness class that offers more than just courses that's tailored for novices and experts. It's also a place where its students can tap into their confidence as they learn to dance. And with the list of many of its clients who can't help but to sing the praises of BBS, its no wonder why this company has so many different locations in the Metroplex.

2553 Valley View Lane
Farmers Branch, 75234