13th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas Tickets Go On Sale Today


Starting today, July 1st, tickets will go on sale for the 13th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas. It's a week-long event that showcases the Asian experience in cinematic form. First things first, I would like for everyone to suspend their disbelief on what you might expect to see at the festival. Yes, there will be action-adventure films (some including martial arts), but these are not the only genres in-which they have to offer.  What makes an Asian film stand out is its ability to twist themes and other elements, as well as the  whole film on its head. At times, you'll think you know how the story will go or what the characters in the film will do, and then be completely floored by something you never saw coming.

Other films (stateside) have tried that and failed, but then you have films at AFFD that do it and succeed.

Since 2002 AFFD has become one of the most popular film events in the Southwest and has helped many filmmakers here and abroad build a market for their film to a wider audience. So if you're watched films like The Raid, My Sassy Girl, Snowpiercer, IP Man, Shaolin Soccer, Audition, Returner, and Please Vote For Me then you'll feel right at home at AFFD.

This year AFFD will host the films at Angelika Dallas, but the events will be TBA. So now would be a good time to be request to be emailed the AFFD newsletter.

13th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas

Angelika Film Center – Dallas
5321 East Mockingbird Lane, Suite 230
Dallas, TX 75206
Phone: 214-841-4713
For tickets and information to go: