Dallas Observer’s BrewFest IV Happens September 13, 2014







"Support Local Beer!" is a rallying cry heard far and wide round these parts. If you're one of many who find themselves peering in from the outside looking for an opportunity to hop aboard the movement, this is your golden opportunity. Want to order a local beer at a bar and don't know which suits you? This is your chance to explore the local brew scene and sample all of the beers DFW breweries have to offer!

Official Deets

  • Event full title: 4th Annual Dallas Observer BrewFest
  • Venue: Dallas Farmer's Market, 1010 S Pearl Expy, Dallas, TX 75201
  • Date, time, etc: September 13, 2014, 7:00 PM (6:00 PM for VIP)
  • Price of admission: $45 for 21+ year old patrons (no minors will be admitted)
  • What fun you'll have: Twelve 2 oz beer samples are included with admission. Live music, local food vendors, and aforementioned beer samples are all included in the price of admission.
  • Where the food comes from (sold for purchase): Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, Full Circle Tavern, Samson's Gourmet Hot Dogs, Social House.
  • How you'll be getting home safely: Uber is offering a $20 promo credit for new riders. To redeem the promo, use the coupon code "BrewFestDal"

This Writer's Shtick on Why This Might Be A Good Idea for your Saturday Sept, 13, 2014

The Venue

The Dallas Farmer's Market is an iconic venue that's been around since 1941. Nestled in between the downtown core and Deep Ellum, the Farmer's Market is both an homage to the city's roots and a symbol of where it's going.

It's an expansive outdoor venue that's a short Uber ride from all of the other entertainment districts in the area. A strategically located place to start your evening ripely at 7 PM. Also, you haven't been since Pecan Lodge moved to its spot on Main St. and you miss the Farmer's Market vibe.

The Up and Coming DFW Brew Scene

The main attraction is the beer. There will basically be samples from every single beer Whole Foods sells.

As a homer, I'll point out the local favorites: Community Brewing Co, Deep Ellum Brewing Co, FireWheel Brewing co, Four Corners Brewing Co, Grapevine Craft Brewery, Lakewood Brewing Co, Peticolas Brewing Co, Martin House Brewing Co, Rahr and Sons Brewing, Armadillo Ale Works, Franconia Brewing Co, Rabbit Hole Brewing, and Revolver Brewing.

For a full list of breweries represented, head here.

Music and Noshing on Food Truck Grub

Beer goes great with beer munchies. Beer also goes great with some fly tunes.

Fortunately both are being provided. Enjoy food being served by Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, Full Circle Tavern, Samson's Gourmet Hot Dogs, Social House.

My Father's Birthday

If you're short on reasons to celebrate, it's actually my dad's birthday. He'll be turning 62. I can't get you 62 two oz samples to honor him, but if you get 5 sober friends to join you, you might be able to complete the salute!

And lastly if you have any doubts of how much you will have at this festival, just check out how much fun you missed out on last year: 2013 BrewFest video