Interview: Five Questions for Dallas Actor Anthony Kung

"Anthony Kung Headshots Jan 2015"

1) What was your first major acting role in Dallas?
Dallas was where I started off acting in 2010 and I've had many small parts in student films, indie projects, and commercials. It's what one could expect not having had any formal arts training as my Bachelor's degree is in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California in LA. My first major commercial part was in 2012 when I landed a nationwide print campaign for Comerica bank. My first major acting role came in 2016 when I auditioned in Austin for a part on HBO's The Leftovers, Season 3.

2) What has been your favorite project?

I've had so many favourites from personal projects writing/producing/directing 5 film short from 2014 to 2016 to other projects with the writing/directing/producing talents of Vaile/Blitch/Carmichael to the more recent network project shot here right in LA. That being the most recent, I'll say for now that my LA project earlier in 2017 was my favourite one. It was broadcasted on FX (You're The Worst, Season 4) and the whole gang of my Dallas classmates from Nancy Chartier's Film Acting Studio had an impromptu party for me after I commented in class that there was no need for a viewing party. They proved me wrong!

3) Which actor(s) has had the biggest influence on your career?
To date the two lead actors on the set of Bad Karma showed me what the real deal of acting is like. Up to that point I've never witness in person how committed actors can be in a scene. Just watching their eyes in my Bobo scene with them, I realized this is what it took to bring my acting to the next level. My acting changed by a quantum leap thanks to that one scene with Alex Kyle and Chloe Lanier. Thank you guys.

4) Is there a certain character you particularly enjoy playing?

I love to play the role of a tormented soul. I do that a lot in acting class already but have yet to book such a character in an audition. My old challenge as an Asian actor was to have others stop seeing me as an Asian actor playing stereotypical Asian roles. Like anyone else, I'm an actor. All I could do is keep improving and I'm happy to say my auditions for at least 2 years now from my two agents are for non-Asian roles. I am now being see as an actor.

5) Do you enjoy acting or directing more?
Definitely acting. I only direct to fill in the time in between auditions. It's important to fill your downtime with productive work like writing and continually honing your craft which is what I was always doing in Dallas and am now doing in LA.