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A-Kon 25 is Coming to Dallas this June

There's something that you need to know. I am a geek. I love movies. I love video games. I love comic books, and I really love anime. With that in mind, there's something that I would have to disclose to you as a geek. A-Kon is almost here. What is an A-Kon? It's an anime convention. But it is not just an anime convention; It is the anime convention. For the past 24 years, A-Kon's been the north star for all things anime by anime fans for anime fans. Okay... but what's anime? Well, its a form of cartoon animation made in Japan that appeals to both kids and adults. Clear examples of that are shows like Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, Chobits, and Mobile Suit Gundam. Film examples: Akira, Princess Mononoke, Ghost in the Shell, and Steamboy. Hollywood has tried to capitalize on this genre such as The Matrix, Inception, Kill Bill, and Pixar's "Up".  Bad examples of Hollywood anime-riffs are way too many to put down on this blog, but you get the idea so give yourself a pat on the back for following along with me so far.

So without further explanation, now would be a really good time to announce A-Kon 25, coming June 6-June 8 at The Hilton Anatole in Dallas. Here are some of the things that will be waiting for you:

Video Game Tournaments: What your parents always told you about playing video games is wrong. It hones your reflexes. It can make you smarter. And you if try hard enough, you can make a living out of it. Some of the most popular games will be played this June weekend, and you do have to register for it when you arrive at A-Kon. If you got what it takes to win that is.

Cosplay: What other reason is there to play dress up when you come to A-Kon? If you have a character that you love, why not dress the part. It never hurts to put yourself out there for people who love doing it as much as you do. There will be contests. Cosplay legend Yaya Han will be there. Guinness Book of World Records will be in attendance for a special event. And most of all, plenty of chances to take your camera.

Swag 'R Us: If would not be an anime convention if there isn't an opportunity to empty your wallet for the Citizen Kane in all of us. You want to decorate your walls with the cast of Fulmetal Alchemist, they could make that happen. If you're looking to add some more Manga titles to the already expansive library of Manga books, this is the place to go. Looking for something new or obscure or maybe something that might go over everyone's head, then you would have come to A-Kon to find it, it could be there. You never know.

The most important reason to attend A-Kon is that you won't be going there alone. Geeks live a rather charmed and sometimes solitary life. People either get us or they don't. But we understand each other, because with we lack in certain areas (take your pick) we make up for it in community. So it may be in your best interest to come to A-Kon which is celebrating 25 years without an incident. There's plenty of stuff to do and plenty of opportunities to do things with at A-Kon .

A-Kon 25

2201 N Stemmons Fwy,

Dallas, TX 75207

Hilton Anatole Hotel

June 6-June 8 2014


For more information, go to: