Dallas International Guitar Festival Happens in Fair Park This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

I've got a question for you. Are you ready to rock, Dallas? I'm serious, are you ready to rock?! Because I know, that you know it's about to happen. Come one and come all to the 37th Annual Dallas International Guitar Festival at Fair Park starting tomorrow (Friday). DIGF is the only place where musicians, music fanatics, music collectors, and music legends come together for one weekend in Dallas and the love of the guitar string.

What's better, watching a pre-recorded taping of HBO's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or listening to over 60 musical artists who will be here in Dallas that could also meet in person? Do you want to spend the day browsing through sites like eBay or (gulp) craigslist for a vintage guitar, or do you want to hold one in your hands at one of DIGF's 800 exhibits, where you can buy, trade, trade-up, or sell your music instruments as well as guitars? Do you want to master "Satch Boogie" on Rock Band 3 or do you have what it takes to master it for real by attending the instructional clinics that will be there at DIGF?

If you've ever spent hours covering songs of your famous bands, this is the festival for you. If you spend your summers going to every summer concert that has come to your town, this is the festival for you. If you have ever wanted to start a career in music and needed some sage advice from people in the business, this is the festival for you. If you want to be apart of an event where you can make some great memories and experience some good guitar solos, then this is the festival for you.

The Dallas International Guitar Festival

Friday, May 2, 10am-7pm

Saturday, May 3, 10am-6pm

Sunday, May 4, 10am-6pm

Visit www.GuitarShow.com for ticket prices and more information.