GeniusDen Rolls Out An Educational Series for Entrepreneurs

Inside the GeniusDen via The Genius Den

GeniusDen launched in Deep Ellum last year as a business incubator founded on a three part mission to provide space, community, and education to the Dallas entrepreneurs. As part of the GeniusDen’s commitment to providing learning opportunities for the startup community in DFW, GeniusDen just announced its first speaker series. I spoke with founder Joe Payton about his plans for the first series of events, which will take place this summer.

When asked about the program, Payton explained,

“This series will bring tactical level, actionable advice from subject matter experts who speak from experience. These are entrepreneurs who’ve done it or consultants who do it the very best.”

The GeniusDen is launching with a powerhouse group of speakers who will teach entrepreneurs how to build on their successes and

GeniusDen Founder Joe Payton

GeniusDen Founder Joe Payton

apply those lessons to their own businesses. Rather than inviting people to tell their story, GeniusDen wants speakers to help entrepreneurs apply these stories to their own brands.

The first session is scheduled is for June 25th at GeniusDen’s Deep Ellum location (3106 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75226). Just announced is Robert M. Atkins, who has been the creative director for over 50 video games, with billions of dollars in sales and downloads to his credit and who is one of the top 5% Kickstarter campaign managers, having raised over $3,000,000 across several verticals.


Robert M. Atkins

Robert has been the creative director for over 50 video games, with billions of dollars in sales and downloads to his credit. He also serves as a professor at SMU Guildhall in Game Design, Ethics, and Focused Studies. Robert is bringing Richard Luong who he is currently coaching through his art book Kickstarter campaign. Richard got halfway to his goals in under 48 hours, and will share up to the minute trends on the Kickstarter platform.

While Robert may be a great opening Keynote for the series, Payton already has an impressive list of successful founders, subject matter experts, and advisors committed to participating in the coming months.


Rick Hopper

August will bring Rick Hopper, whose company ReadeREST was picked up by Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner. ReadeREST has generated $14 million in sales since its launch. ReadeREST is a simple technology for a common problem, a magnetic device for holding on to your glasses. Hopper and Greiner found further uses for the technology, which has been used for name badges, ear buds, and many other technologies.

Clint Greenleaf

Clint Greenleaf

Later this year the series will feature Clint Greenleaf; Clint started Greenleaf Book Group after writing and publishing two books, selling foreign publication rights, and securing a multibook contract with Adams Media. Since then, he’s built the company into one of the industry's leading book distributors. Greenleaf Book Group has represented more than nine hundred titles and is one of the fastest-growing companies in America. Greenleaf Book Group was named to both the famous Inc 500 list and the brand new Inc 5000 list. Clint speaks at conferences and seminars across the country and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur. He is also a writer for and a regular guest on the new Fox Business Network.

More will be speakers will be announced soon. RSVP for the first meeting on July 25th at GeniusDen, 3106 Commerce St., Dallas, TX, 75226.

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