Dallas-startup Vegas Nites Celebrates Its Launch


Vegas Nites, a dietary supplement web store specializing in legal party pills and effective hangover cures, is celebrating its website and new product launch. The business was formed by a group of three partners who had come to realize that their vision for the future of party and hangover products did not align with the current offerings on the market. They surmised that current offerings were often ineffective or only addressed one aspect of a night out and they wanted to do better.

On August 4, 2016, Vegas Nites was formed under the Impact Nutrition umbrella, with a base of operations in Dallas. Just days later, partners Jason Channell, Lou Ferreira, and Lee McPeck resumed production of a newly updated and improved formula of Vegas Nites. Jason Channell is a Dallas digital marketing director, and currently works for WrightIMC. He previously launched Nightlife Supplements, and worked for The Infinite Agency in Irving. Jason has had a long time desire to launch a true entrepreneurial venture that addressed a true need in the market. He believes strongly in the Dallas startup scene, having worked out of the DEC in West End for several months.


Vegas Nites developed a new and improved version of the previous Vegas Nites formula that was previously sold under the Nutracostal brand several years ago. The product targets several areas, including mood enhancement, elevated energy, and hangover prevention. The company’s partners proven success exemplifies Vegas Nites’ commitment to providing customers with the very best product on the market.

In appreciation of I Live In Dallas readers, Vegas Nites is giving out the biggest discount yet offered on it’s new product. Use code “ILive” at checkout and receive a 33% discount on your entire purchase. For more information on Vegas Nites, please visit their website at www.vegasnitespartypill.com or contact them at (972) 413-8571.