Escape Boredom At The Secret Chambers

The Pirate Chamber

While summer is quickly coming to an end, many people are searching for new forms of entertainment. However, there is a new national trend that is sure to offer a unique outlet rather than the same mundane choices. The best part, you can find them here in the DFW metroplex. I am referring to “escape rooms”

For those unfamiliar with escape rooms, they are interactive experiences that challenge your intelligence and teamwork. There are many options as far as themes are concerned, but each hold to a central concept. Your group must solve puzzles and find clues to get out of the room before the time is up.

I decided to accept The Secret Chambers’s invitation to explore one of their escape rooms and see for myself what this new rage is all about. They currently have one location in Ft. Worth but are expanding into a larger, state-of-the-art experience only a few blocks away. I decided to attempt The Pirate Chamber since it was newly renovated. Our mission would be to loot Blackbeard’s cabin as he and the crew went ashore. Of course we would need to be gone before he returned or it would mean the plank for us.

Upon arrival at The Secret Chambers, my party received several puzzle boxes that contained clues to help get you started in the room. There was also a trunk full of pirate paraphernalia that you could wear to really get into character. I outfitted myself with a pirate hat and eye patch before being led to the room.  We were briefed about the rules and then left to our own disposal when the door closed behind us.

Take What Ye Can, Give Nothin' Back!

We had only been in the room for a few moments when we overheard the conversations of Blackbeard as he gave the orders to leave the ship. Luckily, a mutinous crewmember opened the hatch and said that she would be keeping a lookout. She could also give us hints if we were stumped, but we would have to pay heavily to have them revealed. On the table and hidden throughout the room were gold coins that we could use for this purpose. I must admit that we had to use the leverage on several occasions.

When the time started, the chaos began. Our group scurried to every corner of the room to see what we could locate. Wooden chests, locks, codes, and secret objects were dispersed everywhere. Some required you to solve riddles while others had you decipher symbols. The puzzles were challenging but never really frustrating. Keeping our group updated on our progress may have been as much of a challenge as the clues themselves. There were so many objects that it was easy to overlook important discoveries somebody was carrying or get stuck revisiting finds that another had already solved long before.

Finding Clues Or Clueless?

Nonetheless, after much confusion we found the loot only to realize that we still had work to be done in order to escape. After all, you never trust a pirate. We managed to overcome and succeeded in our venture with 15 minutes to spare, a true victory for my merry band of thieves!

The Clock Is Ticking

Our party consisted of junior high, college, and adult ages. Everyone in the group had a blast (literally) and left already planning future escape room endeavors. The only disappointment was that it had to end. Fortunately, there is much to look forward to.

It's A Pirate's Life For Us!

The Secret Chambers is already planning multiple innovative escape rooms at their new location. Some of these themes include super heroes, a speakeasy, and a multi- room Edgar Allan Poe quest. The rooms are all designed as family friendly environments. That said, they are geared toward audiences ages 13 years and up. Plan accordingly as the rooms are designed to hold between 4-10 people. Thinking that you would like to partake in the challenge but don’t want to make the drive to Fort Worth? Hang in there. There is a good possibility that you may find new The Secret Chambers locations coming in the near future to either Arlington or the Frisco area.

If you would like to book a room or just learn more about The Secret Chambers experience feel free to visit You can also contact them via email at if you have any further inquiries or needs.

In 2021, virtual escape rooms may be the cure for boredom