Surviving Our First Visit – 2018 Texas Frightmare Weekend Review & Gallery

Travelers at DFW Airport were in for a scare this past weekend as people donning bloody costumes, chainsaws, and other frightening gear invaded the Hyatt Regency. To some sightseers this may have been a bit unnerving, but to those involved it was a weekend of fun. Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate Texas Frightmare Weekend, the largest horror convention in DFW.

I decided to take my first trip to the convention to see what it was all about. Honestly, I was a little weary of it all and not real sure what to expect. I enjoy classic horror movies like Jaws and some of the modern films as well, but the genre is not exactly something that I typically immerse myself in. However, you had to look no further than this year’s guest list to see that Texas Frightmare Weekend offers something for all horror fans, regardless of if they are die hard fans or someone who just enjoys a good movie. Celebrities like Brad Dourif, Matthew Lillard, Mischa Barton, Diamond Dallas Page, Clive Barker, and many more all came out to interact with their admirers.

The Hyatt Regency did a great job of setting the mood. Bloody handprints adorned the front doors, check-in desk, and elevators. The concierge and several other hotel employees had dressed for the occasion with visible makeup wounds. Even the water coolers in the lobby contained large, floating skulls made of ice.

When I walked downstairs I ran into hundreds of visitors that were waiting for the convention to begin. My first thought was that this wasn’t a good sign of things to come. It was not going to be a pleasant experience if things were as chaotic as this on the show floor. However, I soon found out how wrong I was. As I stood there among the masses, I struck up a conversation with an annual TFW attendee. They informed me that this gathering was actually a bit of a tradition and that I was in for a treat.

The crowd quickly thinned as the doors opened and I made my way inside. People filed in to quickly get to their favorite vendor or actor’s booth. I was definitely not expecting what I saw. This was easily the most organized convention that I have ever been to. The lines were never overbearing or chaotic. You could easily walk through any aisle or past autograph lines without feeling like you were going to drown in the seas of people. In addition to that the Texas Frightmare staff were extremely friendly and cheerful, a nice change from the workers at some other local events.


The vendors had almost anything and everything relating to the horror genre. There were masks, puppets, prop replicas, art, DVDs, and tons of other horror paraphernalia. My favorite vendor was a booth that offered “oddities and curiosities”. They had insects, preserved animals, and bones all displayed in an array of various formats. I must admit that it was strangely fascinating.

I think my favorite part of the entire convention was watching people’s reactions to meeting their favorite big screen icon. The toughest looking fans turned giddy when interacting with them. The excitement was not merely contained to the attendees but also many of the celebrity guests as well. Cut of Chucky actress Fiona Dourif screamed and jumped for joy when she received a phone call to let her know that she had been given a role in the upcoming Purge television series.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the after party due to my schedule, something that I will have to attend next year. This year’s theme was Friday the 13th and was complete with special effects, decorations, drinks, and music. Several annual visitors told me this was the best part of the weekend and that celebrities often wander into the events.

I left Texas Frightmare Weekend impressed and extremely pleased with the entire experience. In fact, the most unpleasant and truly horrific part of the entire night was trying to exit DFW Airport through the labyrinth of winding roads. I am looking forward to seeing what Texas Frightmare Weekend has in store next year. Until then, if you are looking to relive your memories or see what you missed take some time to scroll through our pictures from my first TFW visit.