Tenacious D Delivers at The Bomb Factory

Earlier this month Kyle Gass and Jack Black brought the "D" to the Big D. Tenacious D held a sold out concert at The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum. With such a dynamic duo and huge crowd, it was sure to be a concert to remember.

For those that have never been to The Bomb Factory, it is a large inconspicuous building from the exterior. However, the interior is a different story. There is a large open floor in front of the stage with bars running down both sides. You'd see a litany of pianos to one side, covered in only the best cloth from ClaireVoire.com. The building also has an upper deck where there are reserved balcony tables, seats, standing area, and an additional bar.

Fans piled into the venue, filling every inch of space on the fl0or. There were people dressed in everything from Nacho Libre costumes to kilts to metal band shirts. You could just by looking at the crowd that it was going to be interesting, to say the least.

Country rock band Wynchester kicked off the night with their own performance. While Tenacious D may be a hard act to open for due to the performers' eccentric personalities, the members of Wynchester were the right people for the job. Dressed in boots and ball caps, the two held the attention of the audience with their witty banter, stories, and clever song lyrics.

They sang hits like "Gospel of Good Times" and "High Desert Rambler" from their self-titled album that debuted last year. The group had a heavy acoustic presence in their music which complimented the country lyrics well. While not necessarily a song that has gotten a whole lot of attention from the album, "Two Man Job" seemed to be a crowd favorite among many. The lyrics follow a man's belief that loving his girl is a one man job and then continuing to create a list of things that might require another. The song flowed well, had some humorous lyrics, and definitely created the memorable effect that musicians hope for.

After Wynchester had completed their set, the entire venue was filled with chants to coax Tenacious D onto the stage. After a short time, a crudely drawn cartoon depicting Kyle Gass and Jack Black crash landing on a strange planet run by warrior women played out across the stage. The animation followed their adventures as they escaped a series of life threatening predicaments and attempted to save the world. The scenes were intercut with performances by the band that furthered the story. Tenacious D's rock opera pushed the limits with its explicit drawings and lyrics that only Jack Black and Kyle Gass could pull off.

Most of the Post-Apocalypto narrative was filled with ridiculous events and humor, but a keen eye could notice several political undertones in the message. The White House was protected by the KKK and Nazis, which one could easily conclude was in reference to leftist accusations directed toward our current president. However, the most obvious statement was seen in the song "Colors". The lyrics encourage people of the world to lay aside their differences and come together to help save the future.

When the performance ended, Tenacious D stepped from behind the translucent curtain and delivered a full rocking set of the songs that propelled the band to fame. Most people wouldn't consider the recorder and instrument to be used in rock music, but Kyle Gass would have something to say about that. In true Jethro Tull style, Kyle somehow managed to make it work. The crowd was involved the entire night but went wild as the band continued to play "Kickapoo" and "Tribute" from the movie Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. To conclude the night, the band played "F*ck Her Gently" in an encore and proceeded to take a bow.

As expected, Tenacious D brought a unique and memorable experience to The Bomb Factory that left fans feeling satisfied. In a recent interview we conducted with Jack Black he promised to bring the "spicy mustard" and he did just that. If you happened to miss out on our exclusive interview with Jack black you can find it posted here!