CultureMap Extends Famed Tastemaker Awards to Dallas


If you’ve ever been to a CultureMap Dallas event, then you know that this is one magazine that can seriously throw down. Between birthday parties, young adult mixers and fashion events, CultureMap has their pulse on the best of what our city has to offer.

And while a true Dallasite knows that there is no shortage of award-winning meals and cocktails to boot, we don’t often take the time to appreciate what we have at our disposal. Cue the CultureMap editors in all of their foodie glory. After two successful years of hosting CultureMap Austin’s Tastemaker Awards, we are glad the trendy online mag has decided to give Dallas a slice of the proverbial pie.

Essentially, The CultureMap Tastemaker Awards provides a chance to celebrate the city’s top talent in the food and drink community, as selected by their peers, which is a star-studded list in of itself of the city’s top culinary critics and bloggers.

The Dallas cocktail and restaurant scene is currently experiencing a heyday in the truest sense of the word. Every time we turn around, a new list is popping up that touts the newest, hottest and best places to dine out in this town. Even if you’re not looking for standard fare and you’d just like to grab a well-made drink, we’ve got endless options for your selective palate. And like bigger cities around the country, our mixologists are gaining some serious star power.

Don’t worry, if you can’t distinguish AF+B from CBD or FT33, CultureMap Senior Editor Teresa Gubbins has you covered. She created a regular installment to highlight the finalists in each category. It’s just one more way you can impress your friends on the night of the event.

The nominee categories include:

Best Restaurant
Best Brewery
Best Neighborhood Restaurant
Best Chef
Best Pastry Chef
Best Rising Star Chef
Best Sommelier/Beverage Director
Best Bar
Best New Restaurant- People’s Choice
Best Bartender

 Tuesday May 6th : 6-9pm
7 for Parties

150 Turtle Creek Blvd

Dallas, TX 75207

Tickets are available for purchase here.