Scenes from Decks in the Park Halloween-Eve Season Closer [Slideshow]

Groups of people at Decks in the Park Halloween Edition in Klyde Warren Park on October 30th 2014. Photo by: Mason Pelt

Groups of people at Decks in the Park Halloween Edition in Klyde Warren Park on October 30th 2014. Photo by: Mason Pelt

If you told me I’d see a devil dog in my lifetime I wouldn’t have believed you – until last night. Dallas didn’t hold back as droves of costumed guests made Decks in the Park their Thursday night outing. Accompanied by the beacon of a rainbow, Decks goers were treated to the most electric event of the season! Tiny tots triumphantly dotted the stage until eventually it was a swarm of costumed madness. I dare someone to name one event, other than the internationally acclaimed Texas State Fair, that brings literally every demographic together -- shoulder to shoulder in euphoric harmonious musical bliss.

Singer Grace Castro with hand raised at Decks in the Park Halloween Edition in Klyde Warren Park on October 30th 2014

Singer Grace Castro with hand raised at Decks in the Park Halloween Edition in Klyde Warren Park on October 30th 2014 Photo by: Mason Pelt

Kid dancing at Decks in the Park Halloween Edition in Klyde Warren Park on October 30th 2014. Photo by: Mason Pelt

Kid dancing at Decks in the Park Halloween Edition in Klyde Warren Park on October 30th 2014. Photo by: Mason Pelt

Decks in the Park started as a simple idea to bring music to the people of Dallas, and has truly taken on a life and personality of its own. Decks in the Park, properly, redefines what it means to be part of a community. What it feels like to be included in something bigger than yourself. Decks gives us a glimpse, if only for a night, into what a world in perfect harmony could look like. Take a look for yourself at one truly enchanted experience.

Full slideshow of image bellow by Photographer Mason Pelt. All Images released under Creative Commons with attribution non commercial.

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