REVIEW: Texas Scratch Kitchen

texas scratch kitchen 3
We were invited out to try this new spot a week or so ago. The Inwood area venue was a re-concept of the Coconuts Fish Café. According to the owner Tim, who came out and spoke with us, instead of a franchise, Texas Scratch Kitchen is a completely new invention.

texas scratch kitchen 1

We had several courses throughout the night starting with the crab cakes. These breaded beauties were refreshing and well-balanced as far as flavors go. Covered in a homespun mango pico they had just the right touch of warm seafood goodness and cool mango melon. The dish reminded me of vacationing in Galveston, which goes right along with their intended theme of Texas cuisine.

texas scratch kitchen 2

After crab cakes, we indulged in the big eyed tuna. The sliced tuna was extremely light and flavorful. When dipped in the jalapeno soy sauce and slavered with the spreadable wasabi, it felt like a summer beach party in my mouth by bonfire.  Next came the main course of braised grass-fed Angus short rib (first photo above). My girlfriend, who grew up in Scotland, said the flavor of the rib was very natural and reminded her of the way beef is prepared in Europe. It was not overspiced like you often find in America. The owner told us that all meat is procured locally, which is great.

texas scratch kitchen 6

Speaking of excellent meat, their burger is hands down one of the best in Dallas I have had in long awhile. Crafted with local meat, a soft flavorful sourdough bun, jalapeños and Mexican queso. Superb! With it's smokey outside grill flavor, I would pit it against several in town.

texas scratch kitchen 5

Last, we indulged in molten chocolate cake a la mode. This dessert was an excellent contrast between warm and cold, hard and soft. It was also quite differentiated by not being overly sweet.

All photos by Libby S. Day.

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