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About the is an innovative, new player to the online independent music community that has listened to thousands of fans and bands, and plans to deliver what Indies really want. MadeLoud enables bands and musicians to promote their live performances, sell their music and sell any associated band merchandise.

Bands set their own prices and can come up with their own specials and offers for their fans. MadeLoud is offering a site that blends the best elements of social networking, online retailing and music listening for independent artists and their fans.

MadeLoud empowers independent artists with tools that help put money in their pocket and fans in their account. Founder Howard Huang was adamant from the beginning that MadeLoud would not only connect people who love indie music with the artists that create it, but also empower artists with resources and tools to sell their merchandise and music on their own terms.

Fan features include the ability to stream and buy music instantly from independent artists in addition to the ability to interact with artists via blogs and writing music and performance reviews, or becoming a “friend” and following in typical social networking tradition. Fans can also receive exclusive band interviews and stay updated with the newest music album releases

And when it comes to buying artist merchandise at, fans can use the same shopping cart to buy from multiple artists, which makes things much easier on the consumer.

The History of The Pearl Cup
Founded in 2007 and based in Euless, TX, MadeLoud launched its premier site August 2008 promoting independent music artists and providing a community for both fans and artists.

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