Meet Stan Lee at Fan Expo Dallas 2017 – His Last Texas Public Appearance Ever

Fan Expo 2017This is no April Fools’ joke; it is about time to dust off those cosplay outfits and reserve your tickets to Fan Expo Dallas. The upcoming Expo will be held March 31 - April 2 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas. While the dates are a little earlier than normal, they still can’t come soon enough for many of us.

The Fan Expo recently released a guest list that produces enough excitement to rival that of the Super Bowl. This year’s Expo will include a final appearance of a legend, a rare visit from a Hollywood icon, a cult classic movie reunion, and many other cinema stars that are sure to give you flashbacks of the 1990s.

Comic genius, Stan Lee, has announced that he will be making his final Texas appearance at the age of 94. For those of you that have been out of touch with the entertainment industry, he is the creator of the Marvel Universe which includes X-Men™, Spider-Man™ and Iron Man™. At 94 years old, the Stan Lee - Fan Expo 2017legendary creator has enjoyed an extraordinary career that spans over seven decades.

“We have been extremely fortunate to have Stan Lee appear as a guest at FAN EXPO DALLAS over the years,” said FAN EXPO HQ Show Director Andrew Moyes. “The impact he has made on pop culture is immeasurable and permeates nearly every inch of our shows. We are truly honored to have the chance to host him one final time at FAN EXPO DALLAS this March.”

This will be the last opportunity to meet the inspiration behind the superheroes that have dominated pop culture and many of our childhoods for decades.

Furthermore, the hero who single handedly made the Empire crumble will be making an extremely rare appearance. That’s right; all of you fellow padawans out there will have the opportunity to meet the final remaining Jedi Master himself! Mark Hamill will be taking a break from filming the next Star Wars saga to come to the Expo. This revelation is enough to make a grown man do an internal happy dance, I’d know…

The stars of The Rocky Horror Picture Show will also be reuniting this year. Tim Curry, along with four other cast members, will be doing an interview panel in addition to posing with fans. Come on; is there really anyone who doesn’t love Meat Loaf?

While this lineup may seem too good to be true, you cannot overlook other current fan favorites that will be in attendance such as actors from The Walking Dead, Arrow, and The Vampire Diaries. If you are more interested in continuing your trip down Nostalgia Lane there will be Buffy, Batman, and Boondock Saints reunions (as well as several other individuals).

Of course if you are into the true comic book scene there are many artists that are sure to catch your eye. They have yet to announce the anime and animation guests but rest assured that it will be done soon.

Whether you are an avid Comic Con goer or a first timer you will not want to miss this one. In addition to the celebrities in attendance there are costume contests, hundreds of exhibit booths, tons of photo/autograph opportunities, and a children’s activity area (just to name a few).

Keep an eye on as they continue to reveal further guests, events, and scheduling details as the Expo nears.