Malai Kitchen offers wine parings with Asian fusion menu

In the heart of West Village, Malai Kitchen brings an added flair to the tastebuds with their modern take of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Now, owners Braden and Yasmin Wages are taking the taste experience to the next level by pairing four unique wines with the bold flavors of their Asian menu.

Wine flight


For $22, choose 4 different wines to pair with your next meal:


-          Chateau Compassant, 2006, Bordeaux, FR

-          Bodegas Filon, 2013, Aragon, Spain

-          Renwood, “Old Vine”, 2011, Amador County, CA

-          Bleasdale, “Bremerview”, 2010, Langhorne Creek, Australia


-          Selby, 2014, Sonoma County, CA

-          Chateau Routas, 2014, Provence, FR

-          Les Vignes d’Alexandre, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, 2012, Rhone, FR

-          Kessler ‘R’, 2013, Rheingau, Germany - 11/42

I'm personally looking forward to a tasting Tuesday night and can't wait to expand my taste horizons. In my household, Thai, Vietnamese and Lao cuisine are not uncommon, so I can't wait to see Malai kitchen push the limits with their modern spin of Southeast Asian food with wine.

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