Local indie rock band to release new music this fall

Dallas-based indie rock unit NEONNOAH is set to release its sophomore EP titled Bella Vita this September, featuring seven tracks that capture the group’s effortless mixing of indie rock, pop, electronic, and alternative. Comprised of four members from different states and backgrounds, NEONNOAH’s band members thrive in creating a unique sound with fresh songwriting far beyond their years. With the release of their 2015 debut EP titled Reaching for Constellations, the group put themselves on the map and one year later has found its niche in the indie rock universe.

Additional details on NEONNOAH’s Dallas album release party and EP release date will be announced soon.

Formed in Dallas in late 2013 by three like-minded musicians from across the nation, NEONNOAH is now comprised of four musicians from across the nation who came together after meeting in Dallas-Fort Worth: Esteban Flores, Conner McKinzie, Jacob Norris, and Derek Schurbon. Sharing a strong passion for songwriting and producing honest music, the quartet started making waves with the release of their debut EP Reaching for Constellations, after fans crowdfunded the record 110%, and has since been featured on radio stations across the U.S., various music bogs, IRL Box, and had the honor of being featured as “Artist of the Month” on Strumly.

Credit: facebook.com/neonnoah

Credit: facebook.com/neonnoah

Track Listing:

1. “Intro” (0:54)
2. “Dreaming With Lights On” (3:11)
3. “Atlas” (3:55)
4. “Circles” (4:47)

5. “A Civil War” (4:04)
6. “Shoreline” (3:30)
7. “Out Of My Mind” (2:54)